Rosicrucian Cycles, Times of Secrecy and Times of Re-Emergences


One question we hear a lot in Rosicrucian circles is, “Will AMORC be shutting down soon?” We heard some chatter about this at last month’s Spiritual Alchemy Workshop. The Grand Lodge continues to roll out new online tools for members, and the recent growth at the Enneadic Star Pronaos are good examples of how things are going well with the organization. Still, people often think that AMORC will be “going dark.”  There are good reasons why.  It comes from the belief that Rosicrucians transmit their teachings in cycles: going back and forth between active and inactive or underground eras.

Master Anjala decided to weigh in on the issue to give you the full story:

The Rosicrucian Order in the United States was established by H. Spencer Lewis in 1909. There is a MYSTICAL CYCLE of 108 years that some Fraters and Sorors have asked about for years. Isn’t the Order supposed to “Go Dark” in the USA for 108 years, starting in 2017? Why hasn’t that happened?

I have attended a conference in which Grand Master Scott spoke on this subject, and, in mundane terms, it’s awful hard to make a block-sized headquarters in the heart of San Jose, California, stop being there. Same for the Rosicrucian Egyptian Museum, which receives thousands of yearly visitors. Same for the Rosicrucian Cultural Center in New York,  and other Lodges and Chapters around the nation. There are Grand Lodges here and around the world that was established in different years, and they will all continue to exist as long as they have members and financial support. That is the mundane reason.

The Mystical Reason is in the numbers. Those who love working with the mystical properties of numbers will recognize that 108 adds up to 9, and 9 is the magically wonderful number that symbolizes the completion of a cycle. Please read Self Mastery and Fate with the Cycles of Life (available here) to get a broader understanding of how cycles, both great and small, inter-mesh. Cycles can be applied to businesses, as well as persons, and much can be gained by knowing where in what cycle a business or person is in.

For another example, the book also sets out nine cycles of 7 years for a human life, and the lessons that are typically learned in each of those 7 years. But what happens after a person reaches age 63? should they become a mental infant again and relearn what they already know? Go through puberty again? Absolutely not!

SYMBOLICALLY, a complete human life should last 108 years, but sometimes it doesn’t. Sometimes a person lives to 122, but should they have been forced to die at 108 because of the symbolic nature of the number 108? Not at all. All this is to say; there is no need for the Order in America to shut down because more than 108 years have passed since its reestablishment.

I remember reading an article, and I am not sure whether in the Forum or the Rosicrucian Digest about this subject; maybe one of you know that article and can quote from it in response to this post. It would be wonderful to continue this conversation with you all via this blog. Let me know what you think.

Anjala Ehelebe, Master/Servant

8 thoughts on “Rosicrucian Cycles, Times of Secrecy and Times of Re-Emergences

  1. There was also a Rosicrucian colony in the United States in the 1600’s and if the 108 years was “mandatory” we would have had to have another period of “public presence in the 1700’s.

    Here says Wikipedia: Rosicrucianism rose to considerable prominence in Europe during the 17th century following the publication and wide circulation of a small pamphlet, the Fama Fraternitatis. AMORC scholars have suggested that Rosicrucians first came to America in the area of present-day Carmel-by-the-Sea, California in The Vizcaíno Expedition of 1602–1603.[13] The next Rosicrucian expedition to America is said to have been by the chartered vessel Sarah Maria during the early months of 1694 under the leadership of Grand Master Johannes Kelpius and they established a colony in what is now Fairmount Park, Philadelphia.[14] They finally settled on the banks of the Wissahickon. “In that retired valley beside the flowing brook the secret rites and mysteries of the true Rosicrucian Philosophy flourished unmolested for years, until the state of affairs brought about by the American Revolution, together with pernicious Sunday legislation which also discriminated against the keepers of the scriptural Sabbath day, gradually caused the incoming generation to assimilate with the secular congregations.”[15] This is disputed by another organization, the Fraternity of the Rosy Cross at one time headed by Dr. R. Swinburne Clymer. Johannes Kelpius of the Jacob Boehme Lodge in Germany allegedly led the German Pietists to America, although no historical evidence exists to support this claim, nor the common claim to be connected to the Ephrata Cloister.[16] It is also a fact that the two rival organizations historically disputed their claims to Rosicrucian genuineness.[17]


    1. David Thomas

      If I may offer a bit of an historical reason AMORC(in it’s first cycle in the 17th cent.)during that time anyone who studied things such as alchemy, herbology etc was thought to have magic powers so organizations such the Rosicrucians would have felt the need to keep their knowledge “secret” and available only to the true seeker, as time went on and man’s knowledge grew so did his understanding and so after a “cycle” of being underground(!), they knew that now was the time to come forward and present this knowledge and so as each cycle has passed the time equaled approximately 108 years, now going dark does necessarily refer to a physical aspect as in turning off the lights, it also refers to a passage of time when yes AMORC will still be a physical organization, it just means that the Order won’t have as a public face such as advertisements in magazines or newspapers.


  2. Clayton Buerkle

    Well, actually AMORC was established in 1915 which is why the 100th anniversary was celebrated at the 2015 International Convention in San Jose. So there is still a few years to go till we reach its 108 year, which by coincidence will also be the year that the Portland Rosicrucian group can celebrate its 100th anniversary!


    1. Steve Fasolis, F.R.C.

      Thank you Frater for the correct year … perhaps more to follow. I’ll need to delve into the old monographs and the Bro. Profundis booklets.


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