Visualize What You Can Do to Grow the Portland and Seattle Pronaoi

B8AXB8This is a visualization exercise for Rosicrucians in the Pacific Northwest Rosicrucian that will help us grow our groups in Portland and Seattle from a Pronaoi (a mid-sized group with four ritual officer positions) to a Chapter (a large group with nine ritual officer positions). Our goal for this Rosicrucian year 3372 is to rebuild the two pronaoi into larger entities in a way that will benefit all people.  The more people who visualize this, the faster it will happen.

Visualization is not just dreaming.  It is a tool that can dramatically assist your own efforts toward achievement.

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Meditation: Visualize Being an AMORC Chapter

This is a meditation that members were led through at our convocation on on May 12, at the Wilsonville location.

We have stated that our Rosicrucian New Year’s Resolution is to grow our Pronaos into a Chapter. It’s a hugely ambitious goal, but it doesn’t mean much to member who have never experienced what an AMORC Chapter feels like. As we have stated, the Enneadic Star was once a Chapter. We already have the ritual items, officer robes and all that is required to restart the Chapter. But, we must have convocation attended by at least 30 members, three times in one year, in order to qualify to be reinstated as a Chapter.

This meditation is designed to help all members visualize a little bit of what attending convocation at a Chapter will be like.  The Pronaos is currently providing a thematic teaching on visualizations this year at convocation. MOST IMPORTANTLY: You can help the Pronaos grow to a Chapter by doing this visualization.

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Mystical Anxiety: Getting Behind on your Monographs

We recently spoke with a half dozen members in different parts of the state as part of our new online discussion group project. The one thing everyone had in common no matter when they joined AMORC or what part of the state they lived in was a feeling of anxiety about keeping up with their monograph readings.

In regards to this issue, the current Pronaos Master Anjala writes:

“This is an unpleasant situation that happens to all members.  In 40 years of being a member, I have never met someone who always reads their monographs every week, without fail.  

An administrator from Grand Lodge once told me that most members drop out in the 7th Degree.  If you have kept up reading your monographs, whenever you could, and you are past the 7th Degree, please accept my congratulations for you are not ordinary! When Grand Lodge was extensively staffed, back in the 1990s, I called my then Class Master and confessed to being a year behind in my monographs.  She was very soothing and said I should simply double up and read two monographs at a time until I had caught up.  She was very understanding.

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