Enneadic Star Pronaos launches new blog

IMG_4255[Above: The Kenton Masonic Lodge. This is where we meet in Portland for our pronaos rituals and peace meditations. We also meet at the Wilsonville grange hall.]

Welcome to the new blog of the Enneadic Star Pronaos. We are a local AMORC group for Oregon and SW Washington. On this blog you will find lots of cool information about the Rosicrucian tradition, local pronaos events and rituals, news, and information about mysticism in the AMORC tradition.

We especially want to hear from you, our members. We invite you to contribute to this blog. Send us your photos, art, videos and writings about the mystical subjects and things you are most passionate about. We’d love to get book and article reviews and stories about your mystical experiences. There are over 100 of you in our area and we would love to hear from you all.

We hope to have more content up for you as we progress. Until them, please feel free to check out our listing of events and rituals on our official pronaos website.

Below is a video [11:30 minutes] that will give you a sense of daily practices and beliefs that characterize the Rosicrucian life.  Enjoy and let us know what you think at oregon@amorc.rosicrucian.org  or comment below. Also, check out our MeetUp page, or the NW Rosicrucian Facebook page

4 thoughts on “Enneadic Star Pronaos launches new blog

  1. David Thomas

    As a recently reactivated member and hearing about your (very)ambitious goal of elevating to Chapter, I would like to share a few random(!) experiences/privileges(!) that come with it.
    First off let me say that as a Chapter you will be able to provide MORE services to the members, each of the officers has their own specific function in the ritual, the rituals are so much more meaningful, they are designed to awaken even further your psychic Self, and allow you to achieve an even deeper understanding of not only the teachings of AMORC but Life itself.
    As I previously mentioned I served(for almost a year)as Outer Guardian of the Lodge room for a Chapter, the first function of the Outer Guardian is first of all to gather the membership at the portal to the Temple, his/her secondary function is to assure each member entering the Temple has the proper credentials, his/her PRIMARY function is to “protect” the Temple from uncredentialed and non members to keep them from entering the sacred Temple wherein the Order’s highest work is done
    There are 8 officers in a Chapter PLUS a Colombe.
    Even the salutation to the East is different.
    As you get closer to this wonderful and ACHIEVABLE goal more information will be provided.
    In the Bonds of our Order,
    Wishes for Peace Profound

    David Thomas FRC

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