A Rosicrucian Understanding Of Thought

Sunday, September 27th, 3 pm. PST

We are all familiar with the word thought and its basic meaning. The terms thought and think are constant fixtures in our everyday speech indicating that thought is a critical faculty of our daily functioning. However, what do we know of its actual attributes, capabilities, and the implications of developing a profound ability to harness the power of thought?

For our September Zoom meeting we will read an article by Past Imperator Ralph M Lewis titled ‘Light and Thought Waves’ (Rosicrucian Forum, 1966, Vol 37 No 3). In this article, Fr. Lewis examines the principle of thought from the perspective of physics, namely speed and transmission rate. He contrasts thought with the known physical attributes of light and cites results from Rosicrucian research into the attributes of thought and thought transmission.

In preparation for our meeting, we invite you to reflect and meditate on the nature of thought. Some questions you may ask yourself are:

Is thought an energy? Can thought travel faster than light?

Does thought differ from light as understood in physics?

Are there space-time restrictions that thought itself may be subject to?

This session will be the first of a two-part series on the subject of thought. October will continue with a study of thought projection as examined by Past Imperator H. Spencer Lewis.

Best wishes for Peace Profound!

Join us by going to the Rosicrucian Community Event page and clicking on the Zoom link you’ll see there.

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