Fundamentals of Sound Healing, Part 3!

Shows vertical bars of varying heights in the pattern of sound waves.  The bars are vibrant with rainbow colors.

An important note! If you plan to attend the Sound Healing, Part 3 presentation tomorrow, PRE-REGISTER TODAY! There are materials you will need that must be emailed to you and printed out ahead of time. 
Members, please go to the Rosicrucian Community page,, click on the event title header, scroll down the screen to the full event notice and you’ll see the zoom link to register. 

updated time! SATURDAY, not Sunday, June 19th, from 4pm Pacific Daylight Time to 5:15 pm, if you are a member of AMORC, you may join us in exploring the science and psychology of sound healing. This session builds on the information shared in Parts 1 and 2, and on the previous sessions we’ve had on Rosicrucian Healing techniques. This part of the presentations will focus on Rosicrucian sound healing techniques within the context of what we’ve discussed thus far.

You’ll need to have your member number to register.

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