Enneadic Star Presents: Magical Egypt: Illumination

Greetings, Respected Members of AMORC! Enneadic Star Pronaos presents Magical Egypt, Season 1, Episode 7 “Illumination” April 8, 2 pm. We invite you to join us for this online AMORC members-only event.

https://rosicruciancommunity.org/events/enneadic-star-pronaos-presents-magical-egypt-season-1-episode-7 (scroll down the page to the event details)

Twice a year, on the anniversary of the Ramses birth and coronation day, the rising sun penetrates the temple to illuminate the four gods of creation situated at its very core. As we witness this rare spectacle, we gain an understanding of the ancient temple, not just as a place of worship, but as an essential mechanism of the ancient magical practices. West is joined by bestselling author researcher Robert Bauval at the temple of Abu Simbel. We look at the temple, statuary, and hieroglyphs as examples of talismanic technology.

Peace Profound,

Enneadic Star Pronaos
An Affiliated Body of AMORC

PS – Here is the meeting time in several time zones
Eastern – 5:00 PM
Central – 4:00 PM
Mountain – 3:00 PM
Pacific – 2:00 PM

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