Magical Egypt S1E5 “Navigating the Afterlife” – Online Meeting Sat Feb 18 4:00 PM Pacific Time

Greetings, Respected Members of AMORC! Enneadic Star Pronaos invites you to join us for this online AMORC members-only event. From the Magical Egypt website: “Did the ancient Egyptian technology extend into mastery of the afterlife? In the Valley of the Kings, the tomb of Seti I and Tuthmosis III have been closed to the public for over a decade. Arcane funerary texts cover the walls of the tombs with a bewildering list of spells and secrets that allow the deceased to navigate the afterlife. Dr Rick Strassman, author of “DMT: The Spirit Molecule” discusses the biochemistry of the death experience and the role of the mysterious pineal gland. Our powerful interaction with DMT is shedding new light on the ancient understanding of the “third eye” or pineal gland as the seat of consciousness. Lon Milo DuQuette discusses the strange state of consciousness known as lucid dreaming and its unexpected relationship with the afterlife experience. Featuring Dr. Rick Strassman – “DMT The Spirit Molecule” Lon Milo DuQuette -“Angels, Demons & God of the New Millennium”

This meeting is for AMORC Members only.

Please register in advance for this meeting by going to the Rosicrucian Community events site at this link: (scroll down the page to the event details).

Note: this is a later start time than our last meeting. PS – Here is the meeting time in several time zones

Eastern – 7:00 PM
Central – 6:00 PM
Mountain – 5:00 PM
Pacific – 4:00 PM          

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we resume showing the video series Magical Egypt, with Season 1, Episode one, the Invisible Science. Host John Anthony West, author of Serpent in the Sky, (highly recommended reading for this series), asks questions about the sources of Egypt’s advanced sciences and skills. We will be showing one episode each month and each builds on what is learned from the next. This is a member’s-only presentation.

Register in advance for this meeting by going to the Rosicrucian Community Events page and following the link there. After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the meeting.