Curious About Rosicrucian Mystical Practices? Come to Public Vowel Sounds Class

hyroglyphs.vowel.soundsThe Enneadic Star Pronaos will hold a class on the Rosicrucian vowel sounds, on Sunday, January 13. The event is a rare teaching that is entirely open to the public. We’re very excited about it.

The event will be great for people who want to learn more about Rosicrucian mystical techniques and a good way for our current members to practice in a group and connect with others.

We’re Into the Group Thing

We encourage all to attend. Rosicrucian techniques are powerful, and they can have a greater impact when practiced in a group.  The vibratory energy released the vowel sounds in a group is something everyone should experiences. Many of us have had incredible experiences intoning vowels sounds at Rosicrucians convocations, seminars or other large gatherings of Rosicrucians.

All Rosicrucian practices are amplified by not only other members in the room but by the egregore of the group. That means that the energy and thoughts of all practicing Rosicrucians, alive and dead, amplify and assist you in your practice.  It’s sort of like the concept of group prayer.

What are the Vowel Sounds?

Rosicrucian vowel sounds are not unlike Hindu mantras. They are a vocabulary of one or two syllable sound phrases that contain vibratory energy and the power to heal.  But unlike mantras, they should not merely be chanted endlessly. Also, our unique and ancient sounds each a have specific octave that they should be intoned on.

There are numerous applications for the vowel sounds.  For example, each one is associated with one of the Rosicrucian psychic centers of the body, and when intoned they can promote healing of a specific section or function of the body. Vowel sounds are often intoned before or during many Rosicrucian mystical experiments.

They have great vibrational power. Vibrational energy is one of the core concepts behind the ancient teachings of AMORC. The power of these energies is only now being recognized by mainstream science and culture.

Julie Scott, Grand Master of the English Grand Lodge for the Americas, has stated publicly that the vowel sounds do, in some ways, trace back to India, but their origins go much much further back than that.

You can hear a guided meditation recorded in 1972 on AMORC website that includes the intonation of the vowel sounds from inside the King’s Chamber in the Great Pyramid in Egypt. It’s a very moving piece of audio, and we would recommend listening to it when you have a quiet moment free from distraction. There are countless resources to explore on the site that are free and open to the public. More AMORC podcasts can be found on iTunes.

So, if you are interested, please come to the event. Better yet, let us know you are coming so we can be sure to attend to you and your interests.  RSVP us at

Rosicrucian Open Class on the Vowel Sounds

Frogpond Grange, 27350 SW Stafford Rd, Wilsonville,

2 pm to 2:45 pm class, 3 pm group meditation [Council of Solace] followed by a social mixer.


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