Mystical Anxiety: Getting Behind on your Monographs

We recently spoke with a half dozen members in different parts of the state as part of our new online discussion group project. The one thing everyone had in common no matter when they joined AMORC or what part of the state they lived in was a feeling of anxiety about keeping up with their monograph readings.

In regards to this issue, the current Pronaos Master Anjala writes:

“This is an unpleasant situation that happens to all members.  In 40 years of being a member, I have never met someone who always reads their monographs every week, without fail.  

An administrator from Grand Lodge once told me that most members drop out in the 7th Degree.  If you have kept up reading your monographs, whenever you could, and you are past the 7th Degree, please accept my congratulations for you are not ordinary! When Grand Lodge was extensively staffed, back in the 1990s, I called my then Class Master and confessed to being a year behind in my monographs.  She was very soothing and said I should simply double up and read two monographs at a time until I had caught up.  She was very understanding.

It is so very easy nowadays to know where you are supposed to be in your studies because you receive the email reminder to download your monographs and you know where you are on your membership credentials.  

I am retired and have the luxury to spend an hour or more in my Sanctum, reading, reviewing, meditating, and doing the work of a Rosicrucian initiate.  Please take my word for it, the world needs you to learn and practice these wonderful skills.  Don’t catch up reading those monographs because you feel guilty, do it because you have the privilege to learn and put into practice skills and powers the world does not know of.  “

Anjala Ehelebe

So, stick with it guys, and if you have questions, hesitations, fears and wild ideas reach out to us that’s what we are here for.

4 thoughts on “Mystical Anxiety: Getting Behind on your Monographs

  1. Matthew Waggoner

    Thank you so much for this post. I’ve been struggling to keep up with my studies and it does bring about a sense of anxiety. I have 3 little kids at home, two businesses, and just finishing up a year long process of moving to a new state, and I have fallen far behind. I was searching for guidance and here I have found encouragement to continue on. Thank you again, very much!


  2. You are more than welcome!
    We are all in this boat together, Suzanne. We all struggle with our studies. I remember feeling the same way and around the 7th degree. I thought about giving up and then suddenly, I read a monograph that started with “If you are behind on your reading, don’t worry, just read through to catch up.” Then the following convocation, the master read a discourse that began with “don’t worry if you are behind in your reading. Just double up or so..” Something to that effect. At the time, it felt like a Cosmic reassurance.
    ~ C

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  3. suzannegeraci0047

    Thank you so much for this beautiful and most helpful message! I, too have fallen seemingly hopelessly behind, and I have felt very weighed down by this, and questioned if I am unworthy. (I hope that isn’t true, but still I wonder.) I was very close to giving up. This gives me hope that maybe I can continue.

    Peace Profound….
    Suzanne Geraci


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