How did you hear about the Rosicrucian Order?


One from the vault.

Master Anjala has dug up a classic AMORC ad from Popular Mechanics in 1945! It’s fascinating. Over the years we have met many many members who joined AMORC because of the famous ads they use to run in print magazines.  If you have never seen one, check it out the full ad below.

This ad got Master Anjala wondering how you, the members, came to discover the mystical teachings of AMORC.  Read on and let us know in the comments about your story.

I know of several people who attend our Pronaos who first heard about the Order from an advertisement in the magazine called Popular Mechanics.  Here is an example of one of those ads.  Please read the ad and respond with the parts of it that appeals to you, and the parts that would make you skeptical.  In short, would you have joined based on this ad?

For example:

Things That Appeal To Me

1.  The look of excitement and insight on the face of the man to the right
2.  The Templar crosses on the throne of the guru
3.  The phrase that Telepathy, etc. are demonstrable sciences
4.  The phrase:  “learn the truth about your inherited powers.”

5.  The words: “a pleasing book of interesting information which explains how you may acquire this most unusual and helpful knowledge.

Things That Make Me Skeptical

1.  The very first line!  Reads like a pulp science fiction magazine (which I am very familiar with, tend to be rather purple of prose, overwrought and whiz-bangy).

2.  “One of America’s foremost psychologists and university instructors”  made me think of the television ads saying seven out of seven dentists recommended Brand X toothpaste.  I would have preferred the pre-eminent one to have been named, and their not being named makes me skeptical.

Also, respond with examples of things promised in the ad that was indeed provided to you.  For example, I have indeed experienced and used “a mysterious faculty of foresight” and have “exert[ed] an influence over things and conditions.

What did actually spark your desire to join?

Master Anjala


6 thoughts on “How did you hear about the Rosicrucian Order?

  1. Sherry

    I grew up in the Bay Area and went on field trips to the museum in San Jose when I was a kid. In my late 30’s my friend told me to check out their noon meditations and I started going everyday, after a few months I joined, the rest is history. The ads may not have attracted me due to the images used, except for the Eagle & the smoke.


  2. Cheryl Farr

    I had heard of the Rosicrucians, so when I saw a Facebook ad pop up and read several testimonials that were attached, I followed the link and got set up!


  3. Susan Williams

    I always read and pondered these adds. When I saw a Rosicrucian booth at a psychic fair, I picked up the app and sent it to San Jose. I was approved to join. I am still thrilled to study my monographs.

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    1. troxa09

      I also used to see the ads in all sorts of different publications, like FATE magazine for example, and always wondered what it was, then later on once I was older(17)I learned my parents had been members for many years(they joined in 1952), they also were members of a local Pronaos, to make a long story short, the week before I turned 18 I requested a copy of The Mastery if Life from San Jose, submitted my application, was turned down and asked to RE-state my motive which I did resubmitted the application and was accepted, was a member for several years and just recently reactivated my membership

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