Things Bubble Up at Spiritual Alchemy Workshop

Alchemy.groupA word from Master Anjala about last month’s long-awaited Pacific Northwest Spiritual Alchemy Workshop:

Those who attended the Spiritual Alchemy workshop on November 9th and 10th got lots more than the agenda promised!  From the very first minutes, guest speaker Karen Wark dazzled us with scientific evidence for Oneness, then connected quantum entanglement with the way we are connected to the universe.


She showed us the rebalancing technique, which is taught in the 6th degree, by the way, if you want to research it, and if you attended and weren’t in the 6th degree, you got an advanced technique early!  Frater Clayton had great success with the technique and felt his hands lighting up fiercely with energy.


We learned historical Alchemy terms and techniques and how to apply Spiritual Alchemy TO CREATING OUR OWN ALCHEMICAL DIAGRAMS AND THUS OUR NEW FUTURES.

We had long and leisurely lunchtimes in a neighborhood rich with lunch possibilities.  Some chose to have catered lunches, which were very pleasing.  We reconnected with some who had traveled on Rosicrucian Tours with us or attended the Summer Solstice ceremonies we had at Washington State’s Stonehenge replica.

Everyone said that the workshop site at Cerimon House was excellent. Fraters and Sorors traveled from many states to attend this meeting. There were one or two non-members also, who got enthusiastic about the Rosicrucian teachings.

— Anjala Ehelebe, Master/Servant

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Here are a few comments from attendees!

“Glad we did AZOTH as homework and not in the workshop.”

“Very very glad the workshop included the 12 vowel sounds repetition for healings.”

An attendee felt that they Definitely got their money’s worth.

2 thoughts on “Things Bubble Up at Spiritual Alchemy Workshop

  1. “This Alchemy Workshop more than lived up to its billing. Besides doing all that was mentioned above, I also experienced the proof in principle of the alchemical transformation and the creation of the Philosopher’s Stone which can change the physical state of a material. I say this because at the end of the workshop we did the group vowel intonations where we went through the principal healing vowel sounds that connect to the psychic centers and intoned them with great force for about an hour. At the end of it I felt like an atomic power of healing energy within me which I have never felt before by any imagination. It must have been both due to the group intoning together along with the extensiveness of our intonations. That energy was unbelievable, something that you might only find in a superhero comic book, but it was very real! I may never experience it again because you may need a group like we had along with the full hour of loud intonations. Finally, a couple days later I noticed something else. Since the Sacred Italy tour in August after the World Convention I have had toe bruises from a very great amount of walking with new shoes. After two months my left little toe was still all bruised under the nail as I noticed whenever I put on my socks. I was figuring it might take at least another two months for it to heal. Well, on the second day after the Alchemy workshop I was putting on my socks and checking that toe and there was no bruise. In fact, the toe looked like the whole skin under the nail where the bruise had been was now completely new skin–very fresh and pinkish. I thought “what the heck, was it the small toe on my right foot????” No, it was definitely the left foot. So the only explanation I can think of was that it was healed with the powerful healing vibratory energy from our last vowel intonation session. It was essentially the creation and application of the concept of the Philosopher’s Stone!” – Frater Clayton

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