A Stellar Solstice Celebration

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The cycle of the Solstice brought together Rosicrucians from around the Pacific Northwest, and some non-Rosicrucian friends with mystical leanings for our second annual Solstice Peace Ceremony at Maryhill Stonehenge.  Notable among the attendees was Elma, who once was our RCUI guest instructor in the Kabbala.*

Thanks to Frater Ivan, who scouted out an excellent local Goldendale restaurant called the Glass Onion (British Slang for a monocle, according to their menu) that featured local foods fixed to a high standard.  Goldendale is a farming town with a population around 3,000, and the restaurant seats about 25 inside and ten on its patio.  We showed up and overwhelmed them!  Some of our group couldn’t join us as the restaurant was full, so we researched other options for them. A local woman asked the waitress, “Who are all these people?” and I replied that we were Rosicrucians and friends who came to town to do a Peace meditation at the Stonehenge replica.  She and the waitress were very pleased.

After dinner, the group assembled at sunset, around 8:00 pm and, despite a rushing wind, we held a Council of Solace meditation, led by Michael Maier Pronaos Master Suzan.  Many of us brought folding chairs and sat in the open middle of the replica, but a lot chose to sit on the altar stone.  Visitors who had no clue what we were doing quietly and respectfully walked around the replica as we had our ceremony.  We meditated and sent healing energy to individuals, countries, and the world.  The Stonehenge replica is a War Memorial, affixed with plaques bearing the names of local men who died in the First World War.  It was appropriate we should send out our compelling wishes for Peace.  I led a brief meditation in which everyone visualized our respective Pronaoi growing into Chapters.

Afterward, some attendees chose to go to the nearby Goldendale Observatory’s temporary location, at the other end of the Stonehenge replica parking lot.  It is a small building, much like a J.K. Rowling magical tent, and held many more people than looked possible.  About 25 people, young, old, and interested, answered questions and learned astronomical facts as an excellent presenter, Troy, wearing a Forest Ranger hat and uniform, gave a multimedia presentation, with multi-screens, lasers, plasma pulses, neon tubes, and real-time displays of the stars and sun.  Since it was the day after the Solstice, aka, the longest day, the sun didn’t set until after 9:30 pm, and we went outside the building around 10 pm to look through the two telescopes at Jupiter and Antares, binary stars and two binaries that orbited themselves and each other.  Free fabulousness folks!

The next morning, at 9 am, we re-assembled at the Stonehenge replica for the Solstice peace ceremony.  Grand Master Jean led the ceremony as we sat in the wind-cooled sunshine and meditated yet again for Peace.  I was conscious that we were joining with other Rosicrucians around the world and allies in the mystical effort to manifest more peace.

After this solemn ceremony, we returned to cars and checked out of hotels, drove down from the cliffs to the riverside, and had a picnic in the lovely Maryhill State Park.  Veggie and meat burgers, franks, fruits, pastries galore, chips, drinks, and people were wandering around and talking with each other.  I spotted a man with an impressive walking stick, studded with gemstones, inset with rare earth magnets, and wrapped with wire in the shape of musical bars and notes.  A conversation with Larry revealed that he had created this staff with items that he expected would protect his health.  Also, that when he was a young man in the wilds of Yosemite with a guy friend, they were caught in a storm, drenched, then hit with a bolt of lightning that left them dry, smelling of ozone, with their long hair sticking out of their heads.

Also during the picnic, Soror Courtney was doing crystal healing treatments for a friend, Tiffany was talking with some friends who study Magic and Magick, other folks birdwatched, traded views of funny videos, some were catching up on how things were going since last year, and all were enjoying the food and perfect weather.  No mosquitos, yay! All in all, a most excellent weekend and we plan to do this again next year!

— Master Anjala

* RCUI is the Rosicrucian international program to bring extremely qualified speakers to affiliated bodies.  They also provide a peer-reviewed journal with outstanding articles on mystical subjects.  (One of our fraters recently had an article in the RCUI journal about his efforts to decrypt a centuries-old mystery). Last year’s Solstice ceremony brought us a frater who offered to present a weekend on Alchemy.  As Master of Enneadic Star Pronaos, I will be calling on their expertise for presentations in 2020.  Stay tuned for details on a Spiritual Alchemy workshop now tentatively planned for November 2019.

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