Rosicrucian Festival of Lights, Portland, 2 pm, Dec. 22

diwali-candlesPlease join us for our joyous end of the year winter solstice ceremony. All are welcome to this public ritual.

Parading solemnly with candles, we will acknowledge our part as creatures in the natural world with responsibility for spreading light in the spiritual world.

This ceremony must happen on or near the Winter Solstice, and only once.  This means if you miss it in Portland, it won’t be offered in Wilsonville.  This is a beautiful ceremony that aligns us with the tradition of welcoming greater daylight into the darker days of winter.

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Orientation, Neophyte Forum, Initiations: Wilsonville, 2 pm, Dec. 8


This is another installment in our ongoing Neophyte review series. This will be perfect for some of the many new members we’ve been contacted by recently. These reviews are also good for existing members who could use a refresher.  All of AMORC teachings are laid out in the Neophyte degrees.

We will also hold Pronaos initiations for those members who have requested them.  Any member who attends three convocations in a year may make a written request to the Grand Counselor and receive an initiation.  The Pronaos initiations are a venerable rite that will increase your sense of purpose and bond with the Pronaos. It will help to strengthen our local egregore as we seek to rebuild our temple into a Chapter. Email to request this induction.

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In your future: Reincarnation Series Continues, Rosicrucian Festival of Lights

reincarnation.paitingDeja vu:  Reincarnations Series Returns Again [and Again and Again]

Last month we started a series of Experiments and Discourses on Reincarnation, and will continue these after upcoming Pronoas Initiations.

Reincarnation is taught in the monographs as a plausible event that a member is not supposed to believe in until an experiment yields proof to that member that reincarnation exists.  There are multiple exercises in the monographs to accomplish this, but in a Pronaos, we have the assistance of our Fraters and Sorors, their psychic talents and skills, to reveal more than is usual at home.  We use guided meditations, music, lights and other techniques to help members get insight into current and past incarnations.

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Online Discussion Group: The Mountain of the Adepts, Nov. 17, 2 pm

adept.image. copyNow in our third month, our new online group is a video discussion and meditation for members who are not in the Portland Metro Area.  The session lasts about 40 minutes. We will conduct a meditation, have a lecture and time for sharing and discussion.

This month: The Mountain of the Adepts

In 1616, an alchemical text was published entitled Cabala, Mirror of Art and Nature: in Alchemy whose authorship is attributed to the Tyrollian physician Steffan Michelspacher. The text dealt with alchemical self-transformation in the same vein as the Rosicrucian book, The Chymical Wedding of Christian Rosenkreuz, published the same year. This month’s Online Discussion Group will have a reading of an article discussing one of the alchemical illustrations found in this text known as the ‘Mountain of the Adepts’. Many Rosicrucian students may have seen this illustration from time to time, and this session will offer a chance to look deeper at the illustration and engage in discussion about it’s importance to the Great Work.

Please examine and come prepared to discuss this image.

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Pronaos Orientation, Degree Review and Initiations: Convocation, Portland 2 pm, Nov. 24

Portland convocation this month is a mirror event to the one we did in Wilsonville in October. It will include initiations (see below), orientation about the operation, rituals and symbols of the pronaos (your local AMORC group), and a review of the Neophyte degree. This will be a critical event for new members, and those needing a refresher– the Neophyte degrees go over all the basic concepts of our teachings.

Our Pronaos is growing, and you are becoming a crucial part of it!

The Supreme Grand Lodge has mandated that if a member attends three Pronaos meetings, they must be offered the chance to be Initiated into that Pronaos.  Refer to our previous October blog post on the differences between home Initiations, affiliate group Initiations, and Degree Initiations.

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Spiritual Alchemy Workshop With Karen Wark, This Saturday, Nov. 8 & 9

Spiritual-AlchemyThis weekend, at last, is our Spiritual Alchemy Workshop, with visiting Rosicrucian Scholar Karen Wark. There’s still time to get advanced tickets HERE. Or you can get them at the door on Saturday.

This two-day event should not be missed. It will help to sharpen the skills of members of our Order, and it will also be a fascinating window into the Rosicrucian teachings of AMORC for the curious.

We’ve sold about twenty advanced tickets, and we expect a few more to come in before Saturday. We’ve had lots of inquiries about the event from non-members. We should have a healthy mix of local and out of town members and unaffiliated spiritual seekers.

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Video Discussion: Alchemy and Johann Joachim’s Oedipus Chimicus, Online, 10/20, 2pm

This month’s online meditation and discussion group will talk about Johann Joachim Becher’s book called Oedipus Chimicus, published in 1664. The group, led by Frater Ken, will hold a meditation, and then a brief talk on the alchemical symbols and principals from this old treaty on alchemy.

“Becher’s views on chemistry have much in common with standard 17th-century Paracelsian and Helmontian treatments of the subject” such that “sulfur was analogous to earth, and salt to water, while earth and water, in more subtle form, were mercurial in nature…”

Article on

This discussion will focus on the alchemical principles as illustrated in the engraving here below. This talk will be a precursor to our RCUI spiritual alchemy workshop Nov 9 and 10.

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