Online Group: Magnetized Water Exercise for Health and Longevity, 2 pm, April 19

waves-circles-109964_1280In the early degrees of our monographs, an exercise is presented that every Rosicrucian should learn and practice regularly for the benefit of radiant health. This exercise involves magnetizing and drinking a small glass of water.

For our upcoming Zoom meeting held at 2:00 on Sunday, April 19th, we will perform this exercise together and also read a selection from a lecture about the value of this exercise delivered by our past Imperator, Harvey Spencer Lewis. In order to best participate in this exercise, be sure to have with you a small glass tumbler or bowl, clear and uncolored, made of glass or crystal-filled about two-thirds of the way with water.

Additionally, if you are able to access the podcasts from the English Grand Lodge website listen to ‘Vowel Sounds in the Great Pyramid’ by Frater Edward Lee, from April 1, 2008. Listen especially to the chant of RA as it is presented in the King’s Chamber of the Great Pyramid of Giza so that you may recall its effect on your being.

Until then, may you enjoy radiant health!

Zoom meeting link HERE

This a members-only live discussion and meditation. It occurs every Third Sunday at 2 pm on Zoom. If you wish to participate, follow the link below and come prepared with your member number.  You must have a good internet connection, a laptop with a camera, and a set of headphones with a mic. You should familiarize yourself with the Zoom platform first if this will be your first time.


One thought on “Online Group: Magnetized Water Exercise for Health and Longevity, 2 pm, April 19

  1. I was a member back in the early 70’s at the Lodge in Portland. They were wonderful meetings, I no longer in possession of my monographs and have forgotten the water exercise. I live in Monmouth Oregon. I could not imagine meetings not held in person! We had one black light experiment where you could view a person’s past lives face changes. Me under it I actually disappeared for a full minute!
    Janie Martin, C.Ht. and In Monmouth, Oregon


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