Convocations Suspended: Look to our Zoom Group, Other Online Events
Sometimes even ancient Egyptians had to just hang out indoors too.

Due to Corona Virus quarantine the Grand Lodge has suspended all convocations until further notice. Fortunately, our Pronaos already has an ongoing gathering on Zoom for meditation and discussions.

Our Online Discussion Group occurs every third Sunday, at 2 pm. Go HERE for details and links. This month, we will be reviewing the water magnetizing exercise for health.

Other online events will be made available by the Grand Lodge. Go to the Rosicrucian Community Site for a full schedule of events this year as they become available.

If you are a member but do not have an account set up for the online community site, go create a login and password, and wander through its dozens of interesting posts. There are videos, photos, and links to Rosicrucian activities worldwide. There is also an easy-to-use email feature that allows you to communicate privately or publicly with others.

While we are all experiencing the stay-at-home orders to prevent great contagion, we can still plan for the future. Through our blog and the Rosicrucian Community site events we are planning will be kept current. Check back at least every two weeks.

We will also continue to update you via the email alerts that we send out every month. If you are not getting the emails, please contact us at


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