Review of April Zoom Session on Water Glass Exercise

water.glassOur recent online group session consisted of a review of the highly important Rosicrucian exercise known as the magnetization of water, which can be found in the early stages of our monographs.

Fraters and Sorors who attended offered valuable insight about their experience with this potent exercise and it’s effectiveness in providing a sense of calm and a feeling of re-grounding as well as recharging and rebalancing effects. One Frater specifically addressed its great value when used as part of our practice of attuning with the Ègregore of the Order. A Soror also stated that one of its effective applications can be used for strengthening and protecting the body against environmental toxins.

Consider the many ways in which this exercise can be used, such as in combination with our overall exercise, and/or attunement with the Council of Solace. How would the addition of the visualization of a vibrant Rose glistening with dew and the intonation of the vowel sound RA, as though intoned in the King’s Chamber, impact this exercise? Many years ago, a Soror who presented an RCUI course suggested that before retiring to bed at night, one can do this exercise while visualizing a clear night sky arced over with the Milky Way while intoning Aum as though sounded in the Queen’s Chamber. Regarding the frequency of use, we heard in the excerpt of Past Imperator Lewis‘ speech that one’s system may become too accustomed to the beneficial effects of the water if it is drunk more than once or twice a month. However other sources encourage more frequent use of this exercise. The Rosicrucian student is encouraged to find out how this exercise works best for them.

Also, can you think of other creative ways this exercise may benefit yourself or others? How about watering a plant or flower pot? What of giving it to a pet to drink or to a loved one who may be feeling unwell and would be accepting of Rosicrucian practices for health and well-being? As always,

Best wishes for Peace Profound

2 thoughts on “Review of April Zoom Session on Water Glass Exercise

  1. Ramsey Nanna

    This is an excellent brief on the use and value of magnetized water. I perform it daily as part of my early morning sanctum sessions.


  2. Anonymous

    Wonderful, thank you. I wish we could include Convocations. Also, it is helpful for me in the future to attend all Oregon activities on-line. I’m reluctant to drive to Portland to Astoria. I am 68 yo.


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