Video Discussion: What is Meditation to the Mystic? 2 pm, March 15

Portrait-of-Pablo-Imani-on-location-in-the-Nile-at-Nubial-All-Rights-Reserved-The-Niles-New-Wave-768x430Join us for the next installment of our online video discussion group.  For this month’s online session we will look at a brief yet encouraging article from the Rosicrucian Forum about the art and practice of meditation. Meditation has ever been an indispensable part of the practice of the mystic and in particular the Rosicrucian student. Our monographs teach us the way of this technique, but can we ever really receive enough reminders to incorporate this art into our lives on a daily basis?

Over the coming weeks, take the time to consider how you have used meditation in your own mystic practice, how it has enriched your connection to the God of your Heart, and also how you would like to further enhance your Rosicrucian practice in the future. We will engage these ideas and more with a rich discussion on the practice of meditation as a vital tool for our Rosicrucian practice.

This a members-only live discussion and meditation. It occurs every Third Sunday at 2 pm on Zoom. If you wish to participate, follow the link below and come prepared with your member number.  You must have a good internet connection, a laptop with a camera, and a set of headphones with a mic. You should familiarize yourself with the Zoom platform first if this will be your first time.

Join Zoom Meeting
Meeting ID: 408 682 821
Password: 049507

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