Spring Series on Rosicrucian Healing

ancient-healingRosicrucian Healing is the topic we are pursuing for the next two months. “Rosicrucian healing is not used solely for treating illnesses. It can be used equally to prevent illness from occurring and to maintain good health.” …there are two major categories of diseases: those which induce a fever, and those which do not. In the first of these cases, we give a negative treatment. In the second case, we need to give a positive treatment.”

This spring will learn, re-learn, and practice our skills in the following four ways:

1) The discourse on March 8th reminds us exactly how to give healing treatments to one’s self and to others. It covers the source of healing energies and how exactly to stimulate a suppressed immune system.

2) We will follow that during the social hour, by using certain vowel sounds to charge and boost our energies. The social hour is open to the public, bring your friends!

3) In April, we will begin a new series on Sound Healing techniques, taught by our Guardian, Soror Courtney, who has studied this and made such healing techniques a practice of many years. Stay tuned to this blog for more details and hints on what you can study and review. The sound healing presentation is open to the public, bring your friends.

4) The discourse on April 12, (Easter, by the way) and April 26th will focus on Vowel Therapy. Because we meet in two locations, we repeat the discourses so no member misses out. April 26th will have a repeat of the Sound Healing presentation by Soror Courtney. The sound healing presentation is open to the public, bring your friends.

Do you best to attend these events this spring.  Try to plan out your trip to Portland region well in advance if you live outside the metro area. Email us if you need assistance with finding a place to stay.

Convocation: Rosicrucian Healing, March 8 – Wilsonville
Convocation: RC New Year Ceremony, March 22- Portland



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