Meditation: Visualize Being an AMORC Chapter

This is a meditation that members were led through at our convocation on on May 12, at the Wilsonville location.

We have stated that our Rosicrucian New Year’s Resolution is to grow our Pronaos into a Chapter. It’s a hugely ambitious goal, but it doesn’t mean much to member who have never experienced what an AMORC Chapter feels like. As we have stated, the Enneadic Star was once a Chapter. We already have the ritual items, officer robes and all that is required to restart the Chapter. But, we must have convocation attended by at least 30 members, three times in one year, in order to qualify to be reinstated as a Chapter.

This meditation is designed to help all members visualize a little bit of what attending convocation at a Chapter will be like.  The Pronaos is currently providing a thematic teaching on visualizations this year at convocation. MOST IMPORTANTLY: You can help the Pronaos grow to a Chapter by doing this visualization.

We wish to create a stronger local egregore and a large community on the Earthly plane, so that members can be better supported and advance further in their studies. We want to do this for the benefit of all people. The more members who practice this visualization, even if they cannot attend convocation, the better.

Relax and reset and review:  You have heard the gong, and wearing your apron, you have presented your credentials to the Outer Guardian.  Granted admittance, you enter, walking in ritual angles, you make the Chapter salutation to the East while being observed by the Inner Guardian. The lights are dim and the fragrance of the Rosicrucian incense drifts through the room.

You and many other members are gazing through half closed lids at the Shekinah in the center of the temple.  It is a large, triangular altar, three feet tall with esoteric symbols gracing each of its three sides.  It is covered with a triangular, gold-fringed altar cloth.  On that cloth the Inner Guardian has placed three candles, the votive candles, the rose cross, matches and the snuffer.

The gong sounds again, and more robed ritual officers enter, make their salutations, and taking their places in the North, South and West.  The gong sounds twice, and the Colombe enters, swinging incense in her censer as she marches beautifully around the Temple. All stand in reverence.  The Chaplain recounts the story of creation, as the Colombe lights the altar candles and returns to the East.  The Matre reminds us of our purpose in this Temple.  The gong is sounded three times and the Guardian prepares the way for the Master, who enters, salutes the East, and takes their place in the East.

The Chanter and Chantress helps raise the vibrations of the room by intoning certain vowel sounds. The Master leads the ritualistic work of the day, be it an experiment, a discourse, or an initiation.   The meditations are powerful and profound and we spread healing energies to our Fraters and Sorors and friends and families worldwide. After our esoteric work is concluded, the Colombe, Master and the ritual officers proceed from the room.  Then the Guardians direct you and the other members to follow.  Outside the Temple, you and your Fraters and Sorors feel a sense of profound satisfaction that the mystical work of a Rosicrucian is well done, once again.

Please conduct this visualization when you can. Better still, simply visualize the health and growth of the Pronaos in a way that benefits all people. As we have posted before, over time, the visualizations that are general and values-based are the most effective for manifesting (when they align with the will of the Cosmic).

Peace Profound
Enneadic Star Pronaos Team



One thought on “Meditation: Visualize Being an AMORC Chapter

  1. David Thomas

    I have personally experienced this at both the Chapter and Lodge levels, it is a very inspiring and profound ritual, each officer perfoms their ritual duty at the precise point the ritual requires, each piece(!)of this ritual is designed to help awaken those centers of the mind to help us be better prepared for the evenings discourse and the lesson it is to impart.
    Also having served(however briefly)in the capacity of an Officer it is not only a privilege but an extreme honor to be able to serve in such a capacity🌹

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