Advice on Manifesting a New Pronaos

Philae Temple – painting by David Roberts 1838.

We’ve been talking a lot about how we can improve the Pronaos.  We recently set a goal to not only improve how we serve the members but to grow the Pronaos into a Chapter. That’s an ambitious goal, and it will take a lot of creativity, energy and help from the members and the Cosmic to manifest.

Below is a letter about how they reinvigorated a Pronaos written by a past master in Canada. Please take some time to read this and visualize higher energy and vital life force flowing to our group in a way that benefits all beings.

If you have an idea on things that the Pronaos could do or could do better to serve the members, email us.

Below Written by Fr. Bernie Cook [Edited for length]

Disharmony manifests in many ways. It could be strife between members, low attendance numbers, low bank balances or even struggling to get people to attend Open Meetings and convocations. Even not having the right people taking on positions of leadership, will reflect an imbalance. It is often not even considered, but every business, organization or country has its own “birth date” and date of transition. With it comes its own karma. The affiliate body that you are a part of has its own birthday and end date, but we can prolong the life span of our affiliated body by “feeding” it energy. If not fed with sufficient power, symptoms such as those listed above will reveal themselves.

My life outside of the Order consists of running a successful small business, with my wife, in the DJ and Karaoke scene. I took on the Mastership of our Pronaos in the year RC3370, after spending two years as a Guardian. I have only been a member of our Order for five years. Early in this term in office as Master, I had to acknowledge that our Pronaos was not thriving. It was struggling. Our attendance to some of our convocations was as low as six or seven people, and there were even a few comments about having to drop down to an Atrium group should it continue. On average though, we were getting around 7 – 12 members attending. Knowing what I knew about manifesting before becoming a member of our beloved Order, I chose the following intention of “A thriving Pronaos that is for the highest good of all concerned.” I truly desired to see our AB thrive. We are a great group of people, and we all wanted to see this group grow.
David Roberts’ Egypt & Nubia, issued between 1845 and 1849, showing the Great Hall of Abu Simbel buried in sand 

I suggest releasing any attachment to any outcome and allow the Cosmic to manifest it in its own due time and in its unique way. DO NOT place any thoughts towards how it will manifest but, instead, choose to envision and feel what it would be like to see your manifestation become a reality. What does that look like in its essence? How does it feel to see it made manifest in some future version of your reality? The complete process of a correct understanding of conscious manifestation is offered in books already published by our Order.

A person can start with Rosicrucian Principles For The Home and Business by H. Spencer Lewis if they have not yet read it. Obtaining a deeper understanding of the Law Of The Triangle is another direction that adds to deepening our clarity on manifestation principles. Something not explained in these books or our monographs that I am aware of is the following metaphor: Thoughts are like a car. Without a form of energy, the car will not go anywhere. Emotions are the fuel, the gas, that is required to get you from point A to point B. It does not matter what feeling you have attached to a thought; it will give the thought life within the Cosmic. Whether it is a fear or phobia, happiness, comfort, shame, anxiety and the like… the emotion will drive the thought into physical manifestation. The more “energy” we feed the idea, the quicker it becomes a reality. The next part of this metaphor completes the Law of the Triangle, and that is that the intention that you place on the desire, the manifested thing, acts as a GPS in your car. It gives direction to manifestation.

I now wish to discuss areas that we worked on within our group and some manifestations that revealed themselves to assist us with obtaining our goal of “thriving…”. First off, I listened to what our current members wanted more of. Some voiced that they wished more experiments as they offered hands-on practical experiences. In that first year as Master, I chose to go through and scan a bunch of paper documents that we had in bins. Amongst these articles were a bunch of old experiments and discourse topics that had not been used for a long time. I scanned them in and began adding them to our Convocation discourses and experiments. They were well received with some fantastic feedback from members. Throughout this process of introducing new discourse topics, I tried to use my intuition as to which topics should be placed on which days.

Our Open Meetings were also struggling. I collected data from our coordinator on topics and created a spreadsheet of the event topics and presenters. I cannot say enough about the dedication of our members who assisted in this area as it is so important. Your affiliated body needs the support of as many members as possible to attend Open Meetings. When new guests arrive at your meetings, and they are wanting to determine if they wish to become members of the Order, the support the AB gets from its members is crucial to playing a role in whether or not the individual is attracted to becoming a member or not.

I became more involved in participating in teaching topics for our Open Meetings and sought out topics that I felt would be received better than others. I began with a theme already dear to my heart – manifestation principles. To assist your AB, members may feel inspired to help. Trust your inner guidance as it reflects the fact that you are in harmony with the Cosmic flow that began when the initial manifestation matrix of a thriving AB began. At first, the benefit that you also receive will be subtle, but you will eventually start to notice those benefits to yourself and those around you. In the beginning, it may be only a few people getting involved in teaching topics, but that is ok. Allow your AB to grow at its own natural pace.

H. Spencer Lewis’ book is available for download as a free eBook on the Rosicrucian website.

Our particular group meets for Convocations on the 1st and 3rd Wednesday each month and hosts an open meeting on the second Wednesday, with a two-month break for summer. I wanted to fill in the other Wednesday, the 4th one, to instill within the subconscious mind that this day of the week is scheduled for AMORC events within our AB. I introduced to this 4th Wednesday a Study Night. It could be on various topics that would assist us in our studies. We held these Study Nights between my home and the home of a long-time member. It has been a great honor to both of us to be of service but the incubation period has now ended and our study nights are now moving to the neutral location of where we hold our Convocations and Open Meetings. In the first year and a half, we fluctuated with two to five people attending. Now in our second year, we are sitting around seven to ten members participating, allowing us to move to a space that we rent – all of this manifested with the intention of the highest good for all concerned – the members, our Pronaos and the Order. Perceiving the flow of Cosmic energy, we feel as a group that this move, to this neutral location, will increase attendance. Lastly, because our membership increased in our AB, our Pronaos is paying for the rental space for our Study Nights.

At the end of RC3370, I was asked to stay on as Master for one more term of 1 year. I accepted as I was feeling in the flow of things and I thought that I could accomplish more. I began RC3371 with the same intention – a thriving Pronaos that is for the highest good of all concerned. At the beginning of my second term, we held an initiation for nine new members! The long-term members of our group were very excited to see such a jump in numbers as the oldest members of our group hadn’t seen numbers like that since the early 1990s. Our group needed this change as growth was stagnated and members were transitioning with no one to replace them. Attendance has steadily increased with us reaching a massive milestone of 20 people attending our last Open Meeting, again, numbers that have not been seen since the early 1990s. We will be hosting another AB initiation of new members in Feb 2019. As for our convocations, we are now sitting at 16-20 members showing up per night.

You can listen to a podcast of the writings of H. Spencer Lewis’ on the imagination and manifesting HERE

Just two months ago, from the writing of this article, I received insight while observing the success thus far on the application of Rosicrucian manifestation principles and I realized that so long as I held onto the idea, the desire, of a thriving Pronaos, that is all we will ever have. We have achieved the fruition of our heart’s desire – a thriving Pronaos, but the Cosmic flow guides those in harmony with it.

In closing, keep in mind that our 1st-year monographs discuss that all of creation exists under the forces of cohesion, adhesion, repulsion, and attraction. Your affiliated body is also one of those manifestations within the Cosmic. A breakdown, metaphorically, in any of these four forces will result in an imbalance, the disharmony of which can be rectified simply by holding onto the visualization of harmony as a result of the focusing on a thriving AB. As above, so below. Trust the cosmic as it knows what it is doing, much more so than our human self. Agreed?

May you each receive the inspiration that you need to assist in manifesting the highest good for all concerned and may you “see” the metaphors and feedback required for the fulfillment of your intentions. I leave you with a riddle: If you have ice cream, I will give you more; if you have none, I will take it away.

For the highest good of all concerned,

Fr. Bernie Cook

Calgary Pronaos

Master, RC3371


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