We are seeking a better meeting place, and here is what you can help us find:

An accessible place with minimal stairs, or a working elevator if there are stairs.

A place with a sacred “vibe”.  Meaning a place where a lot of meditation and prayer and self-improvement goes on.  Not a place that is used as a hotel or restaurant rental meeting room, for instance; we tried that in the decades past and it didn’t work out.

A place that allows us to use real candles.

A place that is well maintained and cleaned regularly.


Improve your Rosicrucian Skills: Take the Convocation Challenge!

rosicrucian-egyptian-museum-Rosicrucian-Park-1080x810We challenge you to attend six Enneadic Star Pronaos Convocations and events each year. Sign up now via Meetup and plan for it. We can help.

This year we’ve had several great events that have moved us toward our three-year goal of growing our Pronaos into a Chapter.  As you may know, that goal means that we need to consistently have at least three Convocations and events a year that attract 30 AMORC members or more. 

Once we have achieved that goal, we will be able to better serve, initiate, and educate you, the members.  There will be fancier rituals, class review forums, events for children of members, and other resources. Attending Convocation is the fastest way to advance in your studies and get results with experiments. The more members who attend, the stronger the rituals and experiments are. With over 300 members in the Pacific Northwest, that seems achievable.  [If you live in the Seattle area, please attend Michael Maier Pronaos events and Convocations].

Attending convocation will also earn you discounts and other benefits, for example, if you have attended Convocation this year, you will get 20% off on the upcoming Spiritual Alchemy workshop this November.

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Visualize What You Can Do to Grow the Portland and Seattle Pronaoi

B8AXB8This is a visualization exercise for Rosicrucians in the Pacific Northwest Rosicrucian that will help us grow our groups in Portland and Seattle from a Pronaoi (a mid-sized group with four ritual officer positions) to a Chapter (a large group with nine ritual officer positions). Our goal for this Rosicrucian year 3372 is to rebuild the two pronaoi into larger entities in a way that will benefit all people.  The more people who visualize this, the faster it will happen.

Visualization is not just dreaming.  It is a tool that can dramatically assist your own efforts toward achievement.

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Advice on Manifesting a New Pronaos

Philae Temple – painting by David Roberts 1838.

We’ve been talking a lot about how we can improve the Pronaos.  We recently set a goal to not only improve how we serve the members but to grow the Pronaos into a Chapter. That’s an ambitious goal, and it will take a lot of creativity, energy and help from the members and the Cosmic to manifest.

Below is a letter about how they reinvigorated a Pronaos written by a past master in Canada. Please take some time to read this and visualize higher energy and vital life force flowing to our group in a way that benefits all beings.

If you have an idea on things that the Pronaos could do or could do better to serve the members, email us.

Below Written by Fr. Bernie Cook [Edited for length]

Disharmony manifests in many ways. It could be strife between members, low attendance numbers, low bank balances or even struggling to get people to attend Open Meetings and convocations. Even not having the right people taking on positions of leadership, will reflect an imbalance. It is often not even considered, but every business, organization or country has its own “birth date” and date of transition. With it comes its own karma. The affiliate body that you are a part of has its own birthday and end date, but we can prolong the life span of our affiliated body by “feeding” it energy. If not fed with sufficient power, symptoms such as those listed above will reveal themselves.
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New Year’s Vision: Rebuilding Our Wonderful Temple

The Spring Equinox on March 20 welcomed in the Rosicrucian New Year 3372 which commemorates the birth of Pharaoh Akhenaten (Amenhotep IV), the ancient Egyptian pharaoh who is the spiritual founder of our order.

This new year is a very exciting time for AMORC members here in Oregon/Southwest Washington and for the Enneadic Star Pronaos. We are embarking on an ambitious new project, and we want your help!

Our vision is to grow the local group from a Pronaos to a Chapter! A Chapter is a much larger group that brings it with new rituals, new officer positions, and new services for attending members. To create a Chapter we will need more members to attend convocation. How many? Well, we’ll have to have 30 members in attendance at a convocation, at least three times this year.  It’s an ambitious goal. But it’s one of the best ways we can better serve you, the members, initiates, and seekers of this region.

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