Improve your Rosicrucian Skills: Take the Convocation Challenge!

rosicrucian-egyptian-museum-Rosicrucian-Park-1080x810We challenge you to attend six Enneadic Star Pronaos Convocations and events each year. Sign up now via Meetup and plan for it. We can help.

This year we’ve had several great events that have moved us toward our three-year goal of growing our Pronaos into a Chapter.  As you may know, that goal means that we need to consistently have at least three Convocations and events a year that attract 30 AMORC members or more. 

Once we have achieved that goal, we will be able to better serve, initiate, and educate you, the members.  There will be fancier rituals, class review forums, events for children of members, and other resources. Attending Convocation is the fastest way to advance in your studies and get results with experiments. The more members who attend, the stronger the rituals and experiments are. With over 300 members in the Pacific Northwest, that seems achievable.  [If you live in the Seattle area, please attend Michael Maier Pronaos events and Convocations].

Attending convocation will also earn you discounts and other benefits, for example, if you have attended Convocation this year, you will get 20% off on the upcoming Spiritual Alchemy workshop this November.

In June, over 20 members attended our Solstice Peace Celebration and so did many non-members and their families. That’s great! And in July our Convocation in Wilsonville had 15 members attend, up from the usual 9. That’s excellent progress!  We have had almost a dozen new members join the Order here in the Pacific NW, but for whatever reasons, they haven’t attended Convocations or meetings.

In November we will hold a two-day special Rose Croix University International event on Spiritual Alchemy!  Details and tickets on our EventBrite page.

If you do NOT normally attend convocations or ESP events, we are asking you to commit to at least 3 events between now and March. We know that many of you live far away from Wilsonville or Portland, Oregon. But can you say you won’t be getting to the metro area three times between now and March 2020?

March and the Spring Equinox is the start of the next Rosicrucian New Year, and we’d then ask you to attend three more times after March.

If you know you are going to be in Portland in the next six months, why not plan for it now? Massage your schedule to come on a day when we are having a ritual or event.

Coming into town to see friends, family, do some shopping? Time it with a Convocation.  Want a weekend getaway? Time it with an event. We can help you think creatively. And if you give us enough time AND are reasonably close in, we could also arrange car-sharing.  We would expect you to give AMRA to the people who gave you the rides, of course.  AMRA represents the law of Compensation, and as you receive, so shall you give.

If you need a place to stay? We could arrange for you to stay with a member if you give us at least 30-day’s notice.

The opportunity is here to think about it long term and plan for it now. We have all of our Convocations and other events scheduled on our Meetup page all the way out to next March. (Schedules do change, though, because of weather, and the need to promptly hold initiations for qualified members).  So, we invite you to scroll through it and commit to three events now.

We are creating an online video discussion group using Zoom so that we can bring Pronaos discussions with you, but we also want you to come to us! Doesn’t that seem fair?

We’ll keep you up to date on our attendance numbers so you can track our progress.

Please visualize our collective success in a way that benefits all people.

Light, Life, and Love

Anjala Ehelebe, Master
Enneadic Star Pronaos

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