Visualize What You Can Do to Grow the Portland and Seattle Pronaoi

B8AXB8This is a visualization exercise for Rosicrucians in the Pacific Northwest Rosicrucian that will help us grow our groups in Portland and Seattle from a Pronaoi (a mid-sized group with four ritual officer positions) to a Chapter (a large group with nine ritual officer positions). Our goal for this Rosicrucian year 3372 is to rebuild the two pronaoi into larger entities in a way that will benefit all people.  The more people who visualize this, the faster it will happen.

Visualization is not just dreaming.  It is a tool that can dramatically assist your own efforts toward achievement.

What is visualization?

Visualization is the act of creating mental images of an objects or conditions that we would like to see become a reality.

What are the steps to an effective visualization?

Do everything possible on the physical plane to assist in your goal.

Examine your purpose; does it benefit others as well as yourself?

Create the image reflecting your desire or goal.

Live your desire by taking action, not just once, but continuously.

Release it to the Cosmic.

Have confidence that your desire or goal will manifest as best suited to your growth.

Here is a joint visualization for the growth of our two groups.

We wish to manifest many new members attending each Pronaos, Michael Maier in the Seattle area, and Enneadic Star in the Portland area. These new members will attend at least six meetings a year and contribute to the further growth of each Pronaos.

We should now visualize ourselves doing everything possible on the physical plane to assist in our goal:

We see ourselves sharing with our friends neat things about what we have experienced in the Order.

We are handing out Mastery of Life booklets.

Screen Shot 2019-07-07 at 10.10.19 PM

We have Rosicrucian bookmarks, and we slip those little items into likely library and bookstore books.

We have open meetings that share Rosicrucian tips and techniques.

We post interesting mystical items on our social media.

We offer rides to meetings to new members.

We invite dozens of folks to the Spiritual Alchemy workshop this coming November in Portland.

All of these things and more we can do and will do because the seekers are out there!

Examine your purpose: does it benefit others as well as yourself?

May we all briefly dwell on how membership has benefited ourselves and could also help others…PAUSE

Form a clear image of your Rosicrucian meetings, this month, next year, with many more happy, involved members. Make it like watching a movie, seeing the movement, smelling the India Moss Rose incense, hearing the meditation music…PAUSE

Release this image fully, crisply, into the Cosmic with the absolute assurance that, as the Cosmic wills it, it is done!  So mote it be!

If you live in the Portland or Seattle area and would like some of the bookmaks and other materials mentioned here you can Email us and we’ll get you materials.

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