Convocation: Concentration Experiment, Portland, 2 pm 7/28/19


[Above: The Kenton Lodge and convocation ritual space in Portland.]

We’ll go over the essential element in all meditation and visualization work: concentration! Please join us for this foundational lecture and exercise.

Check out this, Water Light Meditation podcast from the Grand Lodge. This is another exercise that should be done at least once a week or more.

2:00 pm Convocation, Discourse, and Experiment – members only

2:45 pm Council of Solace meditation- all welcome, invite a friend

3:00 pm Social Hour — Good eats excellent conversation, and afterward, an informal discussion on the use of vowel sounds for healing and other practical purposes. – all welcome, invite a friend.

We’ll also discussion the launch of the new video discussion group in September. There will be no convocations in August.

Email us with questions.

Kenton Masonic Lodge
8130 N Denver Ave,
Portland, OR 97217 (map)

Please arrive 15 minutes early and seat yourself in the library. Observe reverent silence to prepare yourself in the final five minutes before you are called into the “temple.” Dress appropriately and bring you membership credential and apron. If you do not have an AMORC apron one can be loaned to you. If you are a member in good standing and do not have your credentials, another member can vouch for you, for one time.

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