Ritual Reminder: UPDATED: New Year Ceremony for Rosicrucian year 3372, Portland, 2 pm, 3/24/19. Important Download available.

sphinx-1000x675-1000x640On Sunday, March 24, join us for our annual New Year ceremony and the symbolic feast.  Welcome in this time of renewal and rebirth by reconnecting with members and enjoying the company of fellow initiates. The Grand Lodge considers the New Year ceremony to be mandatory for members. We highly encourage you to attend the Pronaos event or conduct the ritual at home (details below) so that you receive the spiritual benefits of this spring equinox ceremony. At the Kenton ritual, we will share the history of the order, as we partake in a symbolic alchemical meal representing the four elements.

It’s our goal for 3372 to upgrade the local group from a pronaos to a chapter. That will allow us to do a lot more to support the members and will open up new officer positions and a host of new rituals that we can perform at convocation. All we have to do is have 30 members show up to at least three convocations this year! So, the New Year ritual is a great way for you to come and support the group and help us move closer to our goal of expanding the local organization.

If you cannot get to the pronaos, please conduct the following meditation in private on the Equinox/Full Moon on March 20.


You will find instructions on how to do the New Year ritual in your own sanctum in your First Temple Degree downloads page. [See right]

Here is an exceptional 2-part meditation instruction audio you can download for a limited time.  This is a crucial audio lesson, as it will give you precise instructions on how to meditate in general. As members, we often need constant reminders and refreshers on how to meditate correctly.  When dealing with our minds, it can be all too easy to slip into busy and distracting thoughts that thwart our experiments and focus in life.

On March 24, the New Year ceremony starts at 2 pm.  If you are already familiar with temple decorum,  please arrive 15 minutes early and seat yourself in the library.  If this will be your first time attending, please arrive at least 30 minutes early so a frater or soror may introduce you to the ritual behaviors.  Observe reverent silence to prepare yourself in the final five minutes before you are called into the temple.  Dress appropriately and bring your membership credential and apron.  If you do not have an AMORC apron one can be loaned to you and we have a few for purchase.  If you are a member in good standing and do not have your credentials, another member who knows you can vouch for you, once.

Social hour begins at 3 pm, and all are welcome.  You may wish to contribute by bringing healthy beverages and/or food.

Location: Kenton Masonic Lodge. MAP

Contact us for questions.

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