Ritual Reminder: Convocation, Introduction to the Pronaos, Initiations, Wilsonville, 2 pm 3/10/19

Facade_Of_The_Pronaos_Of_The_Temple_Of_Edfu_by_David_Roberts_Z52Sunday, March 10, we’ll have convocation ritual and an introduction into what your pronaos is and how it works. You’ll learn key details about the rituals, the temple space, and symbols used in during convocation. You will get to understand what the group does for the members and what the rules are for the meetings (no discussing of politics or business promotion, for example). If you are new to AMORC or have never been to gather of the local group, this will be a good ritual for you to attend. Convocation is a members-only ritual.

Please arrive 15 minutes early and observe reverent silence to prepare yourself in the final five minutes before you are called into the temple. Dress appropriately and bring you membership credential and apron.  If you do not have an AMORC apron one can be loaned to you.  If you are a member in good standing and do not have your credentials, another member can vouch for you, for one time.

Convocation will be followed by a Council of Solace mediation for about 20 minutes. This will be followed by initiations for members who have requested them.

At 3:45 pm, we’ll break for refreshments and mingling during the social hour.  Social Hour is open to the public, please encourage an inquiring friend to join us.

Location: Wilsonville Frog Pond Grange Hall. MAP

Contact us for questions.


2:00 pm Convocation: Discourse: Pronaos Introductory Discourse, members only
2:50 pm Council of Solace Meditation, members only
3:15 pm Pronaos Initiation, members only

3:45 pm – 4:30 pm Social Hour, all welcome


Need a ride?
Please contact us at oregon@amoric.rosiscrucian.org at least five days before the event. We can’t guarantee you a ride, but we will try to match you up with someone in your area.  If you are available to give rides, please email us and let us know how far you can travel to pick someone up.

3 thoughts on “Ritual Reminder: Convocation, Introduction to the Pronaos, Initiations, Wilsonville, 2 pm 3/10/19

  1. David Thomas

    Now that the weather is getting better I might be able to arrange a ride occasionally to attend either in Wilsonville or possibly even Portland(!), I would very much like to attend Convocation from time to time as I have not been in many years and having just reactivated a year ago..well you get the idea.


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