Convocation: Vowel Sound Therapy Series, Wilsonville, 2 pm 6/9/19


“Fratres and Sorores, vowel therapy should not be used for the sole aim of curing afflictions.  We can equally use vowel therapy in a preventative capacity to keep us in good health.”
—From this month’s discourse on vowel sounds

The next few convocations will focus on healing through vowel sounds.  Vowel sounds are a major focus of our practice, and like mantras, they are chanted in a way that allows us to benefit from their vibrational and energetic properties.

It would be good to review your 6th Degree Monographs on healing vowel sounds and techniques to prepare.

Here is an AMORC recording from 1972 of intonations of the vowel sounds inside the Kings Chambers of the Great Pyramid in Egypt.

Our talented Guardian, Soror Courtney, does the vowels so well, one member recently had their severe pain disappear right after following her intonations.

That member asked if we had anything members could study on using the vowel sounds. We are currently working on reprinting the vowel sound guidebook first published by Michael Maier Lodge (in Seattle). That request prompted this summer series.

Attending members have the right to request specific discourses and experiments that might help with their health and spiritual growth.

In the fall, we will focus on discourses and exercises related to reincarnation and recalling past lives, as requested by one of our fraters.


2:00 pm Convocation, Discourse and Experiment 18- members only

2:45 pm Council of Solace meditation- all welcome, invite a friend

3:00 pm Social Hour — Good eats excellent conversation, and afterward, an informal discussion on the use of vowel sounds for healing and other practical purposes. – all welcome, invite a friend

Email us with questions.

Frog Pond Grange
27350 SW Stafford Road (map)

Please arrive 15 minutes early and seat yourself in the library. Observe reverent silence to prepare yourself in the final five minutes before you are called into the “temple.” Dress appropriately and bring you membership credential and apron. If you do not have an AMORC apron one can be loaned to you. If you are a member in good standing and do not have your credentials, another member can vouch for you, for one time.

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