Zoom Group: The Rose and Cross, 2 pm, June 21

rose.cross.dat.rosaThe symbol of the Rosicrucians is that of a rose in bloom set in the center of a golden cross. The meaning of our symbol is discussed more than once in our studies, however, it is always beneficial to have a return look at this eminent symbol and to reflect on the meaning it seeks to convey to us.

As customary, we will begin our next online session with the Rosicrucian overall exercise. We will then read an article (Rosicrucian Forum Vol 53, No 1, 1982) that offers a discourse on the meaning of the Rose and the Cross. In the week leading up to our online session, we encourage you to meditate on the image of the rose cross and to consider how this eminent symbol informs your own Rosicrucian Path.

Best wishes for Peace Profound

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Meeting ID: 788 0894 4064
Password: 1TLRNF

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