The Physical Body and the Psychic Body

Join us this Sunday for a Zoom call to discuss these important topics!

A classical Roman sculpture of a man in contemplative seated pose.
Which came first, the psychic body or the physical body?

Significant portions of our studies are devoted to the understanding of the psychic body, its faculties, and its role in our spiritual development. This is not without reason, as this understanding is foundational to much of the other work that we Rosicrucians pursue, which includes, but is not limited to, the development of the psychic centers, the practice of Rosicrucian healing techniques, and projection of the physic body.

An article titled ‘The Physical Body and The Psychic Body’ (Rosicrucian Forum, 1999, Vol. 69, No. 3) will set the stage for this month’s online session. This article presents Rosicrucian knowledge about the relationship between the physical and the psychic body and serves as a wonderful primer for further exploration into this subject. 

We hope that you are able to find some time in the coming days to review your studies on this fascinating and important topic, to consider experiences you may have had as a result of your practice of the exercises offered in the lessons, and to even prepare some questions you may want to bring to the discussion.

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Best Wishes for Peace Profound,

Enneadic Star Pronaos

One thought on “The Physical Body and the Psychic Body

  1. Anonymous

    Thank you to all who were able to join us yesterday for such a rich discussion about the article. Several members commented that the article provided some clarity around aspects of the subject, and we would like to share a few short excerpts from the article that were specifically noted as being particularly clarifying:

    “With the infant’s first breath comes not only oxygen but also the positive polarity of cosmic energy called Vital Life Force. This VLF can be seen as the carrier of the Soul with its attendant reincarnated personality. This vital breath then permeates each and every cell of the physical body and gives rise to consciousness.”

    “Just as the physical body has its cell structure, its blood, bone, tissue, its vital organs and glands, so too the psychic body has its counterparts to all of the physical body, and this constitutes our second body.”

    “we want to emphasize that the essence of the psychic body, the soul, is pure goodness. This spark of divinity within us urges, inspires, and fives those who seek the higher life a tendency toward emulating the constructive principles of nature. When a mystical student is truly striving for greater inner attainment, this brings the personality into greater harmony with the soul.”


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