More on Glands, the Sympathetic Nervous System and The Psychic Body (Members only discussion.)

Sunday, February 21, 3:00 pm, we will be following up on our theme from last month’s look at the relationship between the physical and the psychic body, and their bearing on spiritual development. We will study an article introducing the role of the endocrine glands and the sympathetic nervous system as it relates to psychic consciousness and health.

The article for the month is titled “General Points on the Role of the Endocrine Glands” by Paul DuPont, MD, FRC and is found in the Rosicrucian Digest, Vol 97, Number 2, 2019. The article is an excerpt from the 2012 book, The Endocrine Glands and Your Health.

We will first focus on the introduction, then the section called ‘The Glands and the Sympathetic System’.

We also invite you to review your monographs on the subject of the psychic body, psychic centers and glands, and the sympathetic (also autonomic) nervous system. Building an understanding of their operations is very helpful for subsequent work in psychic development and Rosicrucian healing techniques. As always, we will welcome your participation in this fascinating and vital subject!

For 5 minutes we settle in with introductions

10 minutes of meditation

10 minutes of discourse (lecture)

15 minutes of discussion and Q & A among members

If you would like to join, email us with your name and member number at and we’ll send you the zoom link.  

Best wishes for Peace Profound,

Enneadic Star Pronaos

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