Image shows brilliant tie-dye colors on vertical bars representing sound waves.


Please join us this Sunday, April 18, at 3 pm PST for the first part of an exciting online three-part series.

We will explore exoteric and esoteric concepts in physics, quantum physics, anatomy, physiology, and biology, as they relate to sound and sound healing.

We will share special information about the nature of sound, vibrations, solids and fluids, in preparation for putting the new knowledge into practice. 

Part 1, April 18th, the Physics of Sound covers the science behind sound healing. 

Come prepared for a robust discussion as is the Rosicrucian tradition- more than a Q & A; 

This will also be a time for sharing impressions and revelations. Please be willing to add additional information from your own research/studies, build on what is being said, and let the discussion grow and evolve. 

Following the presentations, we will post an annotated bibliography so that folks can continue their research and develop a deeper understanding of the concepts


The Fundamentals of Sound Healing

Part 1- The Physics of Sound

Part 2- Vibrational Frequencies for Healing  May 9, 3 pm

Part 3- Rosicrucian Sound Healing Techniques, June 19, SATURDAY, 3 pm

Members may join this discussion by finding the Zoom link for the event on the Rosicrucian Community events page.

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