Shows vertical bars of varying heights in the pattern of sound waves.  The bars are vibrant with rainbow colors.

THIS SUNDAY, May 9, from 3pm Pacific Daylight Time to 4:15 pm, if you are a member of AMORC, you may join us in exploring the science and psychology of sound healing. This session builds on the information shared in Part 1 last month and on the previous sessions we’ve had on Rosicrucian Healing techniques. The second part of the presentation will address clinical and scientific considerations around vibrational healing and how we may be affected by it on multiple levels including the biological, quantum, and electromagnetic. We will explore the effects of an individual’s thoughts on their ability to recover from illness and injury. We will also dive deeper into exploring the vibrational fields that interact with our own, specifically those that trigger our tactile and auditory senses.

Register in advance for this meeting at the Rosicrucian Community Events page. You’ll need to have your member number to register.

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