Magical Egypt S1E2 Sat Nov 19, 3:00 PM Pacific Time

Greetings, Respected Members of AMORC!

Please join us on Saturday Nov 19, 2022, 3 pm PDT, for a zoom presentation of Magical Egypt, Season 1, Episode 2, the Old Kingdom and Older Kingdom Still! This series goes into scholarly depth about the magic, wisdom and science of ancient Egypt.

“John Anthony West explores architectural anomalies and other evidence of an advanced civilization predating the ancient Egyptians. Across Egypt, the many architectural engineering artistic and scientific wonders still defy explanation. The mysterious Oserion appears to already have been an ancient ruin when it was “uncovered” by Seti I during the construction of the Temple of Abydos in the First Dynasty. New developments in the age of the sphinx? Debate. In the Cairo museum is a stella, which describes reparations to the great sphinx performed by the Father of the traditionally credited builder. Does the great sphinx conceal its date of construction in the age of Leo?”

This meeting is for AMORC Members only. Please register in advance for this meeting by going to the Rosicrucian Community events site at this link: (scroll to the bottom of the page)

PS – Here is the meeting time in several time zones
Eastern – 6:00 PM
Central – 5:00 PM
Mountain – 4:00 PM
Pacific – 3:00 PM
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