Proposal to move meeting location

Dear Fraters and Sorors,

Enneadic Star Pronaos would like you to know that we have found an extremely suitable meeting place in Portland, and propose that we move from meetings at Kenton Lodge, to meetings at Parkrose Lodge.  To that effect, we’ll have a short and focused business meeting by Zoom (and you can call in if you don’t do Zoom) on November 26th, at 3 pm.  

We have six reasons for this proposed move.  

  1. The management of Kenton Lodge is difficult to contact, by phone, text or email and they have a history of making significant changes without informing us.
  2. In 2020, they changed the building locks, and we were lucky that we had shown up way early to set up for a special event, and they could and did quickly make and deliver new keys to us.
  3. Since 2020, the building has not been well maintained; we came to one meeting to find that they had not cleaned up the dining hall after themselves; they had to install powerful fans for a week to get the cigar smell out of the building; and the broken panel of glass in the front door that was broken in 2021 still has not been replaced.  Also, the custodians of the building were not very diligent.  Also, the elevator that our disabled members relied on to get to the top floors went out of service and has not been repaired.
  4. In 2022, they moved items from our locked storage room without telling us they had done so, and it took us a week to find out what they had done with our materials.  
  5. We contacted them in September about updating our lease and storing our items and they promised to have new leases for us soon.  In November we contacted them again for the leases and heard nothing.  Finally, after we found a new location, their building manager contacted us saying they had just now found new lease forms and were going to send them to us.  
  6. The new location (Parkrose Lodge) charges half as much per meeting and would store our materials for free.  The Masons have been upgrading the building with new kitchen fixtures and appliances, adding wheelchair ramps in two locations, and it has ample space for our social events.   It is easily accessible by car, light rail and bus, and has ample on-street and off-street parking.  It has a working stair chair lift to move our disabled members upstairs to the temple.  And last but not least, the management is easy to contact and work with.

For these reasons, your officers urge you to support this proposed move.

You can ask us further questions at the zoom meeting. 

Helpful links

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