Rosicrucian Ontology

2. All of Creation is permeated by a Universal Soul that evolves toward the perfection of its own nature.

A universal soul or rational principle, meaning mind, is everywhere present. In man it is what is called soul, the Stoics declared. In matter it is the natural laws by which it manifests.

Excerpt from Mental Alchemy by Imperator Ralph M. Lewis

Traditional mysticism may be reduced to these fundamental principles: the soul is the spiritual self of man; the soul is part of a
universal soul, a soul which permeates the entire universe. That soul is God. The material world and the physical body are the negative side of this positive, absolute soul, or God, which permeates the universe—a sort of imperfection, a falling off from the goodness; and when the soul is embodied in a physical form or body, man as a unity of both soul and body is not perfect. The body, the material, must be brought into harmony with the soul, the immaterial. Man will be confined to a body, in various lives, as long as he permits the temptations, the desires and appetites to dominate his nature. He must struggle to overcome them, to suppress them, to give himself over entirely to those spiritual urges within his own nature; these urges are the dictates of conscience which finds its expression in ethical, moral, and religious conduct.

Excerpt from The Santuary of Self by Imperator Ralph M. Lewis

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