Rosicrucian Cycles, Times of Secrecy and Times of Re-Emergences


One question we hear a lot in Rosicrucian circles is, “Will AMORC be shutting down soon?” We heard some chatter about this at last month’s Spiritual Alchemy Workshop. The Grand Lodge continues to roll out new online tools for members, and the recent growth at the Enneadic Star Pronaos are good examples of how things are going well with the organization. Still, people often think that AMORC will be “going dark.”  There are good reasons why.  It comes from the belief that Rosicrucians transmit their teachings in cycles: going back and forth between active and inactive or underground eras.

Master Anjala decided to weigh in on the issue to give you the full story:

The Rosicrucian Order in the United States was established by H. Spencer Lewis in 1909. There is a MYSTICAL CYCLE of 108 years that some Fraters and Sorors have asked about for years. Isn’t the Order supposed to “Go Dark” in the USA for 108 years, starting in 2017? Why hasn’t that happened?

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Members Say What They Like Most About AMORC, Pronaos (Survey Results)
Grand Masters of two countries plus the Imperator, join members at a gala dinner during the 2016 Rosicrucian tour of Eygpt.

Over the last month and a half local AMORC members have been responding to our online survey, and now the results are in.

Thank you to all who took the time to complete the online form or for speaking with me over the phone. The feedback we got is invaluable. You helped us to see what is most important to you as a spiritual seeker and as a member of AMORC. [You can still take the survey here.]

So, what did everyone say?

To date, 42 members responded to the survey. Most of them were members who have not attended convocation in 6 months or more. More than, anything else those who answered the call indicated that a sense of community is the most important single quality that ESP can provide. Continue reading “Members Say What They Like Most About AMORC, Pronaos (Survey Results)”

Take the survey: we want to hear from members

[ABOVE: AMORC centennial celebration at Rosicrucian Park, San Jose, CA, 2015]

We at the pronaos have an exciting vision of reinvigorating the group with new energy, ideas and stronger bonds between members.  We’ve got a team working on it now and the new blog is part of this overall effort.

We want to hear from you, our members– past, present, and future!

To better serve you, the local AMORC community, we want to listen first to the members.  What are your best experiences with AMORC?  What do you want from your local pronaos?  What do you like, what don’t you like about the rituals?

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