Master Anjala’s Tour of Mystical Italy: Travel Log [With Photos]

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The Veiled Christ, one of many exquisite statues in the Capella Sansevero in Naples.

For those of you who might be interested, here are some email excerpts from Master Anjala’s recent Rosicrucian tour of Sacred Italy. This was a three- week trip sponsored by AMORC that was attended by dozens and dozens of Rosicrucians.  (AMORC sponsors tours in different mystical places throughout the world. Next year’s tour to Egypt (and maybe Morocco?) will be in August and people are already signing up.) 


August 19

I’ve been on a Rosicrucian tour of Sacred Italy since August 9th. Since then I’ve traveled to Assisi, Tivoli, Rome, Assisi again, Venice, Florence, and today I’m in Napoli (aka Naples).  So Many Misadventures!  So Many Pasta meals!  So Many Macedon deserts (read fruit salad, usually with cocomele (watermelon) naranja (orange, sometimes blood orange), kiwi, pineapple, and apple.  Variations on that theme.  So many sights! Macedonia was a Balkan country conquered by the Romans (Italians) in the 2nd century BC, and somehow the country name for fruit salad persists centuries later.)

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Rose Croix University International Retreat in Colorado, Sept. 27-29

vibrationsRCUI is sponsoring a Rosicrucian retreat in Estes Park Colorado with Dr. Robert Waggener, a Rosicrucian for 63 years, who has taught RCUI courses on such diverse subjects as Sacred Geometry, Atlantis, and Alternate Theories of History.  The event is Sept 27-29.

The teachings on the weekend retreat will include Cycles and Vibrations:

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Improve your Rosicrucian Skills: Take the Convocation Challenge!

rosicrucian-egyptian-museum-Rosicrucian-Park-1080x810We challenge you to attend six Enneadic Star Pronaos Convocations and events each year. Sign up now via Meetup and plan for it. We can help.

This year we’ve had several great events that have moved us toward our three-year goal of growing our Pronaos into a Chapter.  As you may know, that goal means that we need to consistently have at least three Convocations and events a year that attract 30 AMORC members or more. 

Once we have achieved that goal, we will be able to better serve, initiate, and educate you, the members.  There will be fancier rituals, class review forums, events for children of members, and other resources. Attending Convocation is the fastest way to advance in your studies and get results with experiments. The more members who attend, the stronger the rituals and experiments are. With over 300 members in the Pacific Northwest, that seems achievable.  [If you live in the Seattle area, please attend Michael Maier Pronaos events and Convocations].

Attending convocation will also earn you discounts and other benefits, for example, if you have attended Convocation this year, you will get 20% off on the upcoming Spiritual Alchemy workshop this November.

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Meditation: Visualize Being an AMORC Chapter

This is a meditation that members were led through at our convocation on on May 12, at the Wilsonville location.

We have stated that our Rosicrucian New Year’s Resolution is to grow our Pronaos into a Chapter. It’s a hugely ambitious goal, but it doesn’t mean much to member who have never experienced what an AMORC Chapter feels like. As we have stated, the Enneadic Star was once a Chapter. We already have the ritual items, officer robes and all that is required to restart the Chapter. But, we must have convocation attended by at least 30 members, three times in one year, in order to qualify to be reinstated as a Chapter.

This meditation is designed to help all members visualize a little bit of what attending convocation at a Chapter will be like.  The Pronaos is currently providing a thematic teaching on visualizations this year at convocation. MOST IMPORTANTLY: You can help the Pronaos grow to a Chapter by doing this visualization.

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