Sept 22: Pyramid Ceremony, in Kenton Park, 2 pm, Portland


2:00 pm Join with other seekers and initiates for our annual Pyramid Ceremony, also called the Memorial Ceremony, in Kenton Park.  This ritual is one of four foundational ceremonies of the year and is open to the public. This ritual is part of our celebration of the autumnal season. Find us on the south side of the park, on N. Kilpatrick, a block and a half down from N. Denver Ave. Please bring three hand-sized stones.

2:45 pm Social Hour — Good eats excellent conversation – all welcome, invite a friend.

Kenton Park
8417 N Brandon Ave,
Portland, OR 97217, USA

In case of rain, the ceremony will be held at Kenton Lodge, our usual convocation space.

Email us with questions.

Ritual description from AMORC, Grand Lodge posting.


Worldwide, the Autumn Equinox is associated with the harvest, remembrance of times past, and appreciation for those who have gone before us. Rosicrucians mark this time of year with a special memorial ceremony honoring all the past initiates who have dedicated their lives to carry on the Rosicrucian teachings and traditions down through the centuries. With non-Rosicrucian friends and family invited, this memorial ceremony acknowledges the many contributions and ongoing dedication of past initiates to our Rosicrucian heritage.

The Rosicrucian Memorial Ceremony celebrates the long and august history of our tradition and recognizes all those,who over the centuries, have preserved and perpetuated it.

This Ceremony has also been referred to as the ‘Rosicrucian Pyramid Building Ceremony’, because together we shall build a small symbolic pyramid to represent the part that each one of us can play in realizing the mission of our Order, which is to preserve and perpetuate the Rosicrucian tradition for the good of all humanity, all beings, and our planet.

We will also take a moment to reflect upon our own moral and spiritual growth and what we can do to contribute.

The evening will conclude with refreshments and an opportunity to network with others interested in the advancement of humanity through a greater understanding of natural and spiritual laws.

(If you would bring an extra stone for another who may have forgotten, it would be appreciated.)

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