Rose Croix University International Retreat in Colorado, Sept. 27-29

vibrationsRCUI is sponsoring a Rosicrucian retreat in Estes Park Colorado with Dr. Robert Waggener, a Rosicrucian for 63 years, who has taught RCUI courses on such diverse subjects as Sacred Geometry, Atlantis, and Alternate Theories of History.  The event is Sept 27-29.

The teachings on the weekend retreat will include Cycles and Vibrations:

From the event website:

The Rosicrucian Teachings show that everything in our world is vibratory in nature and that these vibrations express in an orderly, set pattern. The role of cycles in this Law of Vibration is a major influence in us, our lives… our world. This class makes students aware of the different cycles at work in our universe and how to live in harmony with these cycles to help live a fuller, more balanced life. Cycles involved in reincarnation and other fascinating topics are covered. The class will include plenty of student participation, and several breaks. During the breaks, participants may engage in discussion, join other activities, or enjoy quiet introspection in the rarefied Rocky Mountain atmosphere.

Recommended Reading: Self Mastery and Fate with The Cycles of Life, by H. Spencer Lewis. This reading is optional, but it will help to enhance the course instruction. Click here for a free download of this book

Prices include meals for two nights and range from $174.00 for a single adult in a shared room to $371.00 for one adult in a single room. Ticket information HERE.

This promises to be an exciting and interesting weekend of learning and mystical advancement. If you can make it out to Colorado we highly recommend it.



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