Pronaos Orientation, Degree Review and Initiations: Convocation, Portland 2 pm, Nov. 24

Portland convocation this month is a mirror event to the one we did in Wilsonville in October. It will include initiations (see below), orientation about the operation, rituals and symbols of the pronaos (your local AMORC group), and a review of the Neophyte degree. This will be a critical event for new members, and those needing a refresher– the Neophyte degrees go over all the basic concepts of our teachings.

Our Pronaos is growing, and you are becoming a crucial part of it!

The Supreme Grand Lodge has mandated that if a member attends three Pronaos meetings, they must be offered the chance to be Initiated into that Pronaos.  Refer to our previous October blog post on the differences between home Initiations, affiliate group Initiations, and Degree Initiations.

A member writes to our Grand Councilor at and requesting the Pronaos Initiation. According to Grand Lodge instructions, we then must offer the Initiations within one month of the request, at the place most convenient to the Initiate. If you wish to get an initiation this year, please contact us right away!

Accordingly, we have two orientations scheduled, one in Portland on November the 24th and the other in December, in Wilsonville, on the 8th.  We have Initiation candidates already scheduled for these dates and can have up to five candidates each time.  That means we have three openings in November and four in December.

2:00 pm Orientation discourse- members only

2:30 pm Neophyte forum- members only

3:00  pm Social “hour”- members only

3:30 pm Initiations – members only

Email us with questions.

Kenton Lodge
8130 N Denver Ave,
Portland, OR 97217 (map)

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