How do Initiations work at Home, Pronaoi, Chapters, and Lodges?


We are conducting Pronaos Initiations this month on October 13. You should take the intitation at the pronaos level if you have not already. Read more HERE.

Recently a Frater asked ESP Master Anjala about the difference in the home initiations and initiations given in Pronaoi (the plural word for Pronaos), Chapters and Lodges. The Master replied that home initiations are vital and should be performed with intensity and excellence when a member is ascending from one degree of study to another. But!


There are two other types of initiations available to those who are fortunate to live near affiliated bodies. Enneadic Star Pronaos meets twice a month, in Portland and in Wilsonville, so that we can be close to as many members as possible. That said, members do often travel great distances to attend convocations. On her recent Rosicrucian Tour of Sacred Italy, Master Anjala met three members who drove four hours to attend their Chapter meetings. Another member talked about traveling to a distant town and staying overnight so that she could participate in regular Pronaos meetings. Lastly, a Master at another Lodge said they drove drives 40 miles each way to get to their convocation locations.


The second type of Initiation is Initiation into the group of local Rosicrucian students, or in this case, into Enneadic Star Pronaos. This Initiation is offered to the earnest student who has attended three meetings of Enneadic Star and who has petitioned the Grand Councilor by email ( for the Initiation. We currently have two candidates for Initiation in October. This Initiation explains the duties of the Initiate to the Pronaos and how they can help the Pronaos flourish. It also explains some of the more mystical aspects of our Pronaos ritual.


The third type of Initiation is only available at a Lodge, and we highly recommended traveling to San Jose, California, to get the Degree Initiations. A significant ritual duty of a Lodge is to perform all 12 Degree Initiation each year, beginning in April with the First Degree, May with the Second Degree, and so forth. 


A home-study student who completes the First Temple Degree will then perform a simple initiation at home by themselves. If possible, they can travel to a Lodge to take the formal First Temple Degree Initiation. That Lodge Initiation takes two days and is incredibly potent. It is SO worth the tests and trials to get that and the subsequent Degree Initiations in a Lodge. The subsequent initiations MUST BE TAKEN IN NUMERICAL ORDER, they can’t be taken out of order. For example, if you have reached the Fourth Degree in your studies, you cannot take the Fourth degree, then the First, then the Third. You can find schedules of all Lodge Initiations on the Rosicrucian Community, under the Events tab.

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