arabscholaran-arab-scholar-working-diligently-in-the-house-of-wisdomFrom the Rosicrucian Manual, 1990 edition:

The mere intellectual study and comprehension of the specialized monographs and lessons issued to student members is not sufficient.  Of and by itself, such study is but a third of the work of preparation leading to readiness and worthiness.  The monographs are designed to accomplish two things:

  1. Train the brain and augment the knowledge of the mind regarding fundamental laws and principles leading up to a comprehension of the higher laws;
  2. Give and suggest certain experiments and tests which will consciously and unconsciously develop certain psychic centers in the member that will quicken his or her psychic powers and abilities for more complete mastery and control of natural forces.

Many members look upon the monographs and lessons as if they were intended to cover only the first of the above purposes.  To them the lessons in all the Degrees are like unto discourses in philosophy or metaphysics, often seeming to be simple and inconsequential.  It is difficult, indeed, to make them appreciate the fact that unless the various exercises and tests are performed each week, or even each day, for a few minutes, there will be very little psychic development accompanying the comprehension of the monographs, and, of course, no real progress made.”

My questions to you are:  What Rosicrucian skills do you use on a daily or weekly basis?  Can you give a recent example?  How many Rosicrucian skills can you name?


  1. clayrc

    Just a thought here–that there are a number of very practical skills we can work on developing but many members often lack confidence that they can develop them. We gain the confidence through learning the fundamental laws behind them as well as practice which leads to personal demonstrations of their efficacy. But even without them there are great benefits. one member wrote to the Imperator many years ago–“Had the experiments been one hundred per cent failure, I still have received incalculable benefit. My thinking has changed, my consciousness has enlarged, and my confidence in myself is greater. It would take too long to enumerate all of the urges or hunches that have come to me with happy results, and it would take too long to tell about the all too brief flashes of ecstasy and attunement. Suffice to say I am a few steps nearer the goal I desire–not health or worldly possessions, but Cosmic Consciousness.Let me say in closing in praise of the Order that there is much in the work to hold the interest of the most analytical, the most ingullible mind. The change in my own aura and personality is proof of that. Something gradually seems to fill the interstices of an irresolute mind with a firm something that gives me a sense of growing self-reliance.”


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