By Master Anjala

If you only do one of these a day, that’s Terrific, mix it up, have fun!  These are not chores, and they do make you feel better and function better!  Don’t stress out, but don’t not do these either!

  1. GREET THE SUN:  Many of the paper monographs that I received as a new member back in the late 70’s had an illustration in them of a man facing the sun, arms stretched wide.  What I did not understand at the time was that  EVERYTHING     in a monograph is chosen to give the student on the path a boost on the way!  The symbols on the cover, on the bottoms of the page, the illustrations and the Exercises all should be done as promptly and often as possible.  That figure facing the rising sun is chanting the vowel sound RA.   Try this for 21 days.  Every morning face the sun and repeat the vowel sound RA however many times suits you.  If possible, do it at full volume, trilling the R as best you can.
  2. MEDITATE FOR FIVE MINUTES before breakfast.  Sit in your sanctum, or where you won’t be bothered, and gently, lovingly, quiet your thoughts.
  3. DO THE OVERALL EXERCISE: If you can spend 10 to 15 minutes daily doing this, I think you’ll be surprised how much better your body starts working.  Below is One way to do the Overall Exercise.  Please seek out the audio clips and videos on the Rosicrucian Community site for more detailed instruction.  This exercise helps heal both you and the world.

The Overall Exercise

Please sit in whatever way is most comfortable for you. Begin by taking three deep breaths. Breathe in, holding the breath for as long as is comfortable, now exhale. Again, inhale and exhale. A third time.  Continue breathing deeply in and out without holding the breath. I like to imagine that my breath is enlivening each area specifically.

Now focus your attention on a tiny cell in your left big toe. Feel the energy pulsating in the very center of this cell. (Pause about 15 seconds for each area of the body, but the longer you can linger, and the more thoroughly you can imagine seeing the blood vessels, muscles, bones, skin and details, the better.)  Now focus your attention on your entire left foot, right foot, left calf, right calf, left thigh, right thigh, and your hips.  Focus your attention on your abdomen, chest, and shoulders.

Next intensely focus on your left hand, your right hand, your left forearm, your right forearm, your left upper arm, your right upper arm.  Try to feel vital life force tingling in each area before you leave it.

Now focus your awareness on your lower back, then move your awareness up your spine to your upper back, to your neck, to your jaw.

Focus your awareness on your mouth, your nose, your ears, your eyes, the center of your forehead, the top of your head.

Now focus your attention on the place just above the top of your head.

See the energy just above your head as a cloud of white vibrating light and direct that light outward, extending above your habitation, above your city, above North America and out further surrounding the globe in healing energy.


  1. clayrc

    There was a recent article in Life Extension magazine on this 94 year old living in Hungary who had health problems at age 60 and so started studying natural medicine and eventually opened his own practice. Now part of his daily routine is to: “He wakes up every morning, drinks a glass of lukewarm water, and then runs up a nearby mountain with his dog. At the top of the mountain, he does bioenergy-increasing exercises. He stands by a tree with his legs spread wide apart. “I bend down and then lift up my body while i breathe in deeply. Then I circle my arms around while holding my breath. I do 100 repetitions two times a day.”


    1. Tarinyo A. Prefegha

      Beautiful, simple but great exercise. The cycling round with outstretched hands is part of five rites from Tibetan Fountain of Youth. However, there is no mountain near me to climb but trees. Thanks for sharing


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