Overall Exercise draws Rosicrucians for meditation, visualization, snacks

IMG_0296If you were unable to make it to our last open class, we’re sad to say; you missed out on a great time.

On Sunday, Jan. 27. about two dozen Rosicrucians and half a dozen inquirers gathered at the Kenton Masonic Lodge in Portland for public teaching on the Overall Exercise visualization.

We usually hold a members-only ritual (convocation) on every other Sunday of the month. But in January we held two rare public teachings on fundamental Rosicrucian mystical practices.  Earlier that month we had an open class on the intonation of the Vowel Sounds at our Wilsonville ritual location. The good news is that if you missed it, these classes have been so popular we’ll probably have more in the coming year.

At the Kenton event, we gathered in the library among the dusty tomes of Masonic rituals and the exotic artifacts of that organization. Typically, we’d have events in the main temple, but because of a renovation project, that area was not entirely mystical feeling. But the library had a very venerable and cozy quality to it.

Frater Kris standing in the main temple space at the Kenton Lodge.  It’s a great space but the library was cozy enough for the gathering.

We began with the Council of Solace peace meditation. This is where we visualized peace and healing for the planet, for specific nations of the Earth and for people we know.  Then we opened ourselves up to the positive energy of the universe so that we too could be healed.  We also did a powerful intonation of the vowel sounds. It’s always a lot of fun to do intonations in a group setting when you can feel the resonance between everyone.

Next, our Ven. Master Anjala Ehelebe lead a fascinating lecture on the nature of the overall exercise and the Vital Life Force that we channel when we meditate.  This is an elementary exercise that should be practiced daily or at least a few times a week.  If you are starting out with your AMORC downloadable lessons, you should start doing the overall exercise right away.  By the time, you get into the more advanced teachings on telepathy, energy healing and other psychic experiments, the energy in your body will be primed and focused for maximum effectiveness.

You can learn more about the exercise itself from a podcast on the AMORC site.

The meditation last about thirty minutes and then everyone convened to a social hour of food and refreshments upstairs in the dining hall.

People had a great time, and there was lots of conversation and connecting with old friends and curious newcomers. This is always one of the best parts of the gatherings because everyone is into such unique and exciting pursuits outside of their Rosicrucian studies.

As esotericists, there’s a lot of interesting things on the internet for us to explore, but it’s a solitary endeavor.  What is lacking in many of our lives (introverts that many of us are) is a real sense of community– a place to gather where one can talk with people face to face, not only to learn and ask questions but to connect as human souls.  It’s something that social media, chat rooms and online experiences can’t replace.

That’s the most important thing the local AMORC group provides– a safe place for people to explore, commune, connect and support one another.

Did you attend the event? What did you think? Did you miss it but wanted to come?  Contact us at oregon@amorc.rosicrucian.org and let us know or leave a comment below.

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