In your future: Reincarnation Series Continues, Rosicrucian Festival of Lights

reincarnation.paitingDeja vu:  Reincarnations Series Returns Again [and Again and Again]

Last month we started a series of Experiments and Discourses on Reincarnation, and will continue these after upcoming Pronoas Initiations.

Reincarnation is taught in the monographs as a plausible event that a member is not supposed to believe in until an experiment yields proof to that member that reincarnation exists.  There are multiple exercises in the monographs to accomplish this, but in a Pronaos, we have the assistance of our Fraters and Sorors, their psychic talents and skills, to reveal more than is usual at home.  We use guided meditations, music, lights and other techniques to help members get insight into current and past incarnations.

These experiments will continue in 2020. We repeat them in both Portland and Wilsonville so members who can’t make it to one location aren’t deprived of the experience.

Festival of Lights For Winter Solstice

Our next Solstice Ceremony is the annual Rosicrucian Festival of Lights.  This ceremony must happen on or near the Winter Solstice, and only once.  This means if you miss it in Portland, it won’t be offered in Wilsonville.  This is a beautiful, candle-lit ceremony that aligns us with the tradition of welcoming greater daylight into the darker days of winter.

Accordingly, this will take place on the 22nd of December, in Portland, weather permitting.  If it is nasty weather, we will send out emails and text messages saying stay home.  But, weather permitting, we will have this ceremony and holiday conviviality.  We usually have great good, organic and abundant food during our social hours, but we step it up a notch for this event.  Plum Puddings anyone? Spiced hot ciders? Looking forward to food and fellowship!

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