Reincarnation, Neophyte Review, Vowel Sounds Open Class: Portland, 2 pm, Jan. 26


This month’s convocation in Portland will be packed with important exercises and information.  The convocation discourse will be a continuation of our reincarnation series. Next, we will review the second Neophyte Monograph. This is a review of some of the most foundational concepts in AMORC. So, this is a wonderful opportunity for new members and members who are returning to their studies after a long break.

Please read this post Why is Reincarnation Important to Study?

After a brief break, we will return for a short open class on the seven major Vowel Sounds.  This public class is excellent for friends who might be interested in AMORC. This was by far the most popular exercise at last Nov’s Alchemy Workshop.  Please bring a seeker you know. It should not disappoint.

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REQUIRED READING: Why is Reincarnation Important to Study?


Master Anjala took some time out to explain a very important mystical reality as the Rosicrucian Order AMORC has studied it, reincarnation. This is an important lesson that all our members should be acquainted it. Please read on:

This month we are continuing our ongoing discourse on Reincarnation. The next installment will be in Portland on Jan. 19.  This phenomena is extremely important to study, because our methods here are distinct, and get at the heart of what makes Rosicrucians students of spiritual science.

There are many theories of reincarnation, what is it and what laws, if any, govern a cosmic cycle of rebirth.

1.  A basic theory in Rosicrucian teachings is that the full panoply of human lives cannot be experienced in only one human life.  Your life as a city woman doesn’t include the insights of the life as a woman living in a jungle tribe.  Your life as a strong man doesn’t include the experiences of the life of a woman confined to a wheelchair for life, and so forth.
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In your future: Reincarnation Series Continues, Rosicrucian Festival of Lights

reincarnation.paitingDeja vu:  Reincarnations Series Returns Again [and Again and Again]

Last month we started a series of Experiments and Discourses on Reincarnation, and will continue these after upcoming Pronoas Initiations.

Reincarnation is taught in the monographs as a plausible event that a member is not supposed to believe in until an experiment yields proof to that member that reincarnation exists.  There are multiple exercises in the monographs to accomplish this, but in a Pronaos, we have the assistance of our Fraters and Sorors, their psychic talents and skills, to reveal more than is usual at home.  We use guided meditations, music, lights and other techniques to help members get insight into current and past incarnations.

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UPDATED: Oct. 27: Convocation, Reincarnation Series, Portland, 2 pm [The Famous Quoted]

reincarnationThe topic of reincarnation is of great interest to our members. These discourses will begin in late October and go through early December. Study up on the subject and be prepared with your questions.

PS- YOU as a member can request more discourses or teachings on AMORC subjects you are interested in.

Below are some quotes from some surprising and famous people and their thoughts on reincarnation courtesy for Frater Clayton:

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