REQUIRED READING: Why is Reincarnation Important to Study?


Master Anjala took some time out to explain a very important mystical reality as the Rosicrucian Order AMORC has studied it, reincarnation. This is an important lesson that all our members should be acquainted it. Please read on:

This month we are continuing our ongoing discourse on Reincarnation. The next installment will be in Portland on Jan. 19.  This phenomena is extremely important to study, because our methods here are distinct, and get at the heart of what makes Rosicrucians students of spiritual science.

There are many theories of reincarnation, what is it and what laws, if any, govern a cosmic cycle of rebirth.

1.  A basic theory in Rosicrucian teachings is that the full panoply of human lives cannot be experienced in only one human life.  Your life as a city woman doesn’t include the insights of the life as a woman living in a jungle tribe.  Your life as a strong man doesn’t include the experiences of the life of a woman confined to a wheelchair for life, and so forth.

2.  Another theory is that there is one universal, immortal and eternal Soul and we are emanations of that Soul.  When an emanation of that soul puts on a human body, that body can display the influence of a distinct Soul personality.  That Personality manifests for a while, then gets absorbed back into the eternal soul, where it can be reviewed by a variety of methods.

3.  Another theory is that humans who have had many, many incarnations as Soul Personalities can achieve Peace Profound (Enlightenment) easier.

4.  Another theory is that we reincarnate by choice, to help balance Karma.  For example, if we were supposed to live a certain length of life in one incarnation, yet we take our life by suicide, one theory is that we could choose to reincarnate as a baby who lives out the rest of that length of life and then dies.

Or, we can choose to reincarnate because a deep soul-friend of ours will need our help in their next life. Or, we could choose to reincarnate because we need to do things to atone for really awful behavior in past lives.

I say all of these are theories because a major Rosicrucian precept is to believe NOTHING you are told until you can do an experiment to prove it to yourself.

The monographs have a series of exercises to help you prove reincarnation to your satisfaction.  If you are like me, however, maybe your home sanctum wasn’t ideally set up for doing the exercises and you weren’t able to have experiences that proved reincarnation beyond doubt to yourself.

For more Rosicrucian views on reincarnation
listen to these
excellent PODCASTS

This is one reason why it is so very valuable to have an affiliated body such as Enneadic Star Pronaos to attend because we have three things your home sanctum doesn’t have:

1. A ritual space that is made sacred by our thought and conduct, enhanced with music, lights, and candles

2. A ritual exercise designed by Grand Lodge to produce certain results, if done with exactitude.

3. Members who have successfully demonstrated the existence of reincarnation to their satisfaction.  You can ask these members what these reincarnation memories have meant to them and how they have adjusted their lives accordingly.

We are doing a series of Rosicrucian exercises to help our members develop skills to recall past lives.  We will repeat these exercises at each location, in Portland and in Wilsonville, so if you miss one, you can catch it at another.

My Own Past Lives and Discussion Points for Next Portland Convocation

I went to a Rosicrucian convention once where I met three different women who told me they were reincarnations of Nefertiti.  How could that be?  I have met no men who said they were reincarnations of Nefertiti, how could that be?  Shouldn’t there be the options to come back in other genders and other sexual orientations?  And what is this thing called “coming back” anyway?  Haven’t our monographs told us that time is an illusion?

So many Nefertitis, so few hat makers. Not all reincarnation stories should be treated equally.

I met a very fat woman Rosicrucian, who said being fat was an issue for her life afterlife, because she was once a slave in a harem.  Romanticized opinions about harems aside, being a slave in a harem meant she was treated as a tool for the owner’s relief and her pleasure was the least of her owner’s concerns.  This life was so horrible to her, she chose to suicide by overeating.  She also remembered other past lives, but it is that particular one was manifesting problems, incarnation after incarnation.

I met a Rosicrucian man who I later married.  During one of the reincarnation experiments in the Enneadic Star Chapter, we remembered several married lifetimes together.  In one of those lifetimes, we were homosexual men, shunned by our community.   He remembered a lifetime without me as a French peasant farmer.  The interesting thing is, we remembered, saw, and retrieved these lifetimes exactly the same.

We did the experiments in the temple again, some years later.  I remembered a lifetime without him as a gorgeous geisha.  Most troubling to him were the military lives he remembered when he was hacking and killing people.  He felt he had accumulated a tremendous karmic debt from those lives.

I have met people who claimed to be reincarnations of Jesus, and of Emperors.  It is rare to find someone who says they were a hat maker or something mundane, although statistically there have been tens of thousands more hat makers than Emperors or Messiahs.

In my experience, the lives I remembered all came with lessons that helped me in this life and that’s one clue that it had been a real revealed incarnation.  That gorgeous geisha was consumed with her looks, doted on her looks, and based all of her worth on her appearance.  She was constantly judged by her appearance and no one valued the real “her”.  As a result, she distrusted anyone who said they loved her because experience revealed they only loved her shell.  She feared aging desperately and died a most unhappy, lonely older woman.  In this life, I have a facial birthmark, rather a blessing really.  Shallow people wanting a conventionally pretty woman don’t bother with me, and I generally find fine friends who are interested in me.

So, all this is to say, listen with curiosity when a person tells you about their incarnations because you have no way of knowing their validity unless you shared a life with them.  In my humble opinion, only those incarnations of yours that you have remembered due to a Rosicrucian ritual should matter to you.

Anjala Ehelebe

One thought on “REQUIRED READING: Why is Reincarnation Important to Study?

  1. Clayton Buerkle

    The life regression exercise we did today was excellent and will be a great tool to use to encourage the subconscious to activate memories of past lives. Our founder and first Imperator H. Spencer Lewis illustrated this technique in his book A Thousand Years of Yesterdays. And there is a fine article of a member’s personal experience of recalling a past life in the Beacon magazine published by the Grand Lodge in England. This article on Reincarnation begins on page 44 and is by Frater Peter Lawrence

    Click to access 2017-09_RC_Beacon.pdf

    There is another article earlier in the same issue that you may also want to read.


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