Master Anjala’s Tour of Mystical Italy: Travel Log [With Photos]

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The Veiled Christ, one of many exquisite statues in the Capella Sansevero in Naples.

For those of you who might be interested, here are some email excerpts from Master Anjala’s recent Rosicrucian tour of Sacred Italy. This was a three- week trip sponsored by AMORC that was attended by dozens and dozens of Rosicrucians.  (AMORC sponsors tours in different mystical places throughout the world. Next year’s tour to Egypt (and maybe Morocco?) will be in August and people are already signing up.) 


August 19

I’ve been on a Rosicrucian tour of Sacred Italy since August 9th. Since then I’ve traveled to Assisi, Tivoli, Rome, Assisi again, Venice, Florence, and today I’m in Napoli (aka Naples).  So Many Misadventures!  So Many Pasta meals!  So Many Macedon deserts (read fruit salad, usually with cocomele (watermelon) naranja (orange, sometimes blood orange), kiwi, pineapple, and apple.  Variations on that theme.  So many sights! Macedonia was a Balkan country conquered by the Romans (Italians) in the 2nd century BC, and somehow the country name for fruit salad persists centuries later.)

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Master Anjala’s Rosicrucian Tour of Egypt [Part 1]


The following was written by Enneadic Star Pronaos Master Anajala about her recent trip to Egypt sponsored by and organized by the Grand Lodge.

As a member or non-member, the Rosicrucian tours offer insights into spiritual locations with practical lessons.  Inspired by our Grand Councilor who told my husband and me that if ever we could make the trip, the Rosicrucian tour of Egypt was astounding, and we should go, so, we listened to her.  My husband passed through transition before the next trip, but I went on the next tour.

Things you should know first:  The Rosicrucian Order has been leading member tours to Egypt since the 1930’s, and there are photos of members riding to the sites on camelback.   The Order sponsored Egyptian archeological digs and has established excellent relations with leading archeologists.  Because of this, our tour took us to a couple of sites that are off-limits to casual tourists.  And last but not least, the reason these sites are still standing is that, historically, Egypt got 1.5 inches of rain, A YEAR!  I share this with you because, while we were there, it rained for five days.  These magnificent monuments are slowly melting as the climate changes.  Go there sooner rather than later.

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Rosicrucians, Ciphers and Francis Bacon the real author of Shakespeare’s Works?

[Original Research Submitted by Frater Clayton, Member AMORC, ESP, and Past Master]

Rosicrucians have long held up in Sir Francis Bacon as one of their historical leaders. Many Rosicrucians have also explored the idea that Bacon promoted the ideas of the enlightenment to the world as the secret author of the works of William Shakespeare. The notion that Bacon was behind Shakespeare’s writing is strongly supported by modern cipher sleuthing, including my own.

Screen Shot 2019-05-13 at 1.52.12 PM
Portraits of Francis Bacon (left) and William Shakespeare (right). Were they one in the same?

This topic has been one of my longtime hobbies. I’ve written about it extensively on internet forums as well as my own Shakespeare Authorship blog. Much of what I’ve written on the cryptographic evidence is based on my own original research.

I am also a long time Rosicrucian and member of Enneadic Star Pronaos.

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Synchronicity and My Alchemical New Year’s Resolution

[Submitted by Frater Kris. Portland, Ore.]


Ask any Rosicrucian, and they will tell you: once you’ve made up your mind to pursue a specific piece of the great work, the synchronicities start becoming too many to even keep track of! I’ve experienced plenty of synchronicities in my life, but never so many as when I decided to pursue herbal alchemy.

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