How do Initiations work at Home, Pronaoi, Chapters, and Lodges?


We are conducting Pronaos Initiations this month on October 13. You should take the intitation at the pronaos level if you have not already. Read more HERE.

Recently a Frater asked ESP Master Anjala about the difference in the home initiations and initiations given in Pronaoi (the plural word for Pronaos), Chapters and Lodges. The Master replied that home initiations are vital and should be performed with intensity and excellence when a member is ascending from one degree of study to another. But!


There are two other types of initiations available to those who are fortunate to live near affiliated bodies. Enneadic Star Pronaos meets twice a month, in Portland and in Wilsonville, so that we can be close to as many members as possible. That said, members do often travel great distances to attend convocations. On her recent Rosicrucian Tour of Sacred Italy, Master Anjala met three members who drove four hours to attend their Chapter meetings. Another member talked about traveling to a distant town and staying overnight so that she could participate in regular Pronaos meetings. Lastly, a Master at another Lodge said they drove drives 40 miles each way to get to their convocation locations.

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Master Anjala’s Tour of Mystical Italy: Travel Log [With Photos]

Screen Shot 2019-09-27 at 12.46.35 AM
The Veiled Christ, one of many exquisite statues in the Capella Sansevero in Naples.

For those of you who might be interested, here are some email excerpts from Master Anjala’s recent Rosicrucian tour of Sacred Italy. This was a three- week trip sponsored by AMORC that was attended by dozens and dozens of Rosicrucians.  (AMORC sponsors tours in different mystical places throughout the world. Next year’s tour to Egypt (and maybe Morocco?) will be in August and people are already signing up.) 


August 19

I’ve been on a Rosicrucian tour of Sacred Italy since August 9th. Since then I’ve traveled to Assisi, Tivoli, Rome, Assisi again, Venice, Florence, and today I’m in Napoli (aka Naples).  So Many Misadventures!  So Many Pasta meals!  So Many Macedon deserts (read fruit salad, usually with cocomele (watermelon) naranja (orange, sometimes blood orange), kiwi, pineapple, and apple.  Variations on that theme.  So many sights! Macedonia was a Balkan country conquered by the Romans (Italians) in the 2nd century BC, and somehow the country name for fruit salad persists centuries later.)

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Rose Croix University International Retreat in Colorado, Sept. 27-29

vibrationsRCUI is sponsoring a Rosicrucian retreat in Estes Park Colorado with Dr. Robert Waggener, a Rosicrucian for 63 years, who has taught RCUI courses on such diverse subjects as Sacred Geometry, Atlantis, and Alternate Theories of History.  The event is Sept 27-29.

The teachings on the weekend retreat will include Cycles and Vibrations:

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Alchemy Workshop with Karen Wark: Tickets Now on Sale

page-1_img01_original-2Tickets are now available on EventBrite for our first-ever Pacific Northwest Spiritual Alchemy workshop on Nov. 9 and 10.

This event is open to the public. Lunch tickets can be purchased for both days.  This is a rare treat that should bring participants a lot of new insights. We hope you can join us and meet new members of the Order as well as other local seekers.

AMORC members who have attended convocation in Portland or Seattle this year are eligible for a 20% discount. Email us for a discount code.

“At this workshop, you will be trained in the use of the REBALANCING EXERCISE!” stated ESP’s current Master, Soror Anjala. “This exercise isn’t usually shared until you have been a member for many years.  This exercise has many powerful uses.  One Rosicrucian woman used it for a few weeks and totally eliminated a bothersome caffeine addiction.  So this practical physical technique will be shared, along with other more esoteric (hidden) techniques.”

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Sept 22: Pyramid Ceremony, in Kenton Park, 2 pm, Portland


2:00 pm Join with other seekers and initiates for our annual Pyramid Ceremony, also called the Memorial Ceremony, in Kenton Park.  This ritual is one of four foundational ceremonies of the year and is open to the public. This ritual is part of our celebration of the autumnal season. Find us on the south side of the park, on N. Kilpatrick, a block and a half down from N. Denver Ave. Please bring three hand-sized stones.

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LAUNCH of the NEW Online Discussion Group, Sept. 15 at 2 pm

We are excited to launch a new regular online video discussion group this month via Zoom. This will be a great way for members who are too far away from the Portland area to connect with other members and advance in their studies. The discussion will be hosted by life-long AMORC member, Frater Ken. It will occur every third Sunday of the month at 2 pm.

Email us at if you wish to get an invitation to this event.

Please read the following instructions carefully:

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Sept 8: Council of Solace, 2 pm, Wilsonville


2:00 pm Our Wilsonville ritual this month will be a simple Council of Solace group meditation for peace and the healing of all life on Earth.  – Open to the public (bring a friend).

2:15 pm Social Hour — Good eats, excellent conversation and a chance to ask questions about the Rosicrucian Order – all welcome, invite a friend.

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