A Message from the Rosicrucian Grand Lodge During This Time of Anxiety Amid Corona Virus Concerns

“Refuse to give in to the thought that the world is dangerous and that God’s people are evil.”

Lonnie C. Edwards, MD of the Rosicrucian Grand Lodge in San Jose offers up a  meditation to unlock our Inner Resources and guide us from fear or anxiety we may be feeling towards calmness, serenity, and acceptance.

Edwards assures us that “humanity is evolving rapidly, despite what you see in the news.” He says that the key is “right thought and right perception,” and that we as Rosicrucian initiates strive to “see and hear as God sees and hears.” In the end, the problems rest with how you perceive reality and what you chose to do.

We hope this message will inspire you and still concerns that even during times of crisis all is well with the Cosmic. We have only to tap into it.

Corona Precautions for New Year’s Ceremony March 22 [Convocation Canceled]


The ceremony for Rosicrucian New Year 3373 will not go forward as scheduled. The Enneadic Star Pronaos will not hold it’s a ceremony at the Kenton Masonic Lodge. Only necessary members will attend for yearly installation of new officers.  Members are strongly encouraged to perform the new year ritual at home: details are HERE.  You may also attend a special virtual equinox meditation with Grand Master Julie Scott: details HERE.

Volunteers wanted to help create a Vowel Sound Booklet

Opened magic book with magic lightWhat are the Rosicrucian Vowel Sounds? How do they relate to the Psychic Centers? How are they different from other practices like mantras?

We sing out three vowel sounds and sometimes vowel sound combinations during each Convocation, and the Guardian explains what parts of the body each one affects, and how each one should be performed.

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Mandatory Home-based Ceremony: RC New Year 3373, March 22 [Convocation Canceled]



This ceremony reminds us of how we humans are inseparable from nature, and how our bodies are constructed from the elements. Because it is a symbolic feast, we nibble on carefully chosen bits of food and drink. Afterward, however, we can share our favorite things with each other. Please bring to the social hour something healthy to eat or drink. And desserts can be both organic and healthy! Just saying! [ED NOTE: Social Hour portion of convocation has been canceled]

On this day, the start of Rosicrucian Year 3373 is celebrated, and also, those members who have allied themselves by Initiation into our Pronaos. If you are one of our new Initiates, make sure that you attend this ceremony in Portland as we will be giving you special recognition.

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Convocation: Healing Series, Wilsonville, 2 pm, March 8

greek.healingThis month we will begin our spring series on healing techniques. The discourse on March 8th reminds us exactly how to give healing treatments to one’s self and to others. It covers the source of healing energies and how exactly to stimulate a suppressed immune system.

We will follow that during the social hour, by using certain vowel sounds to charge and boost our energies. The social hour is open to the public, bring your friends!

Please remember to set your clocks forward that morning, the 8th, so that you arrive on time!

The schedule:

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Spring Series on Rosicrucian Healing

ancient-healingRosicrucian Healing is the topic we are pursuing for the next two months. “Rosicrucian healing is not used solely for treating illnesses. It can be used equally to prevent illness from occurring and to maintain good health.” …there are two major categories of diseases: those which induce a fever, and those which do not. In the first of these cases, we give a negative treatment. In the second case, we need to give a positive treatment.”

This spring will learn, re-learn, and practice our skills in the following four ways:

1) The discourse on March 8th reminds us exactly how to give healing treatments to one’s self and to others. It covers the source of healing energies and how exactly to stimulate a suppressed immune system.

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Video Discussion: What is Meditation to the Mystic? 2 pm, March 15

Portrait-of-Pablo-Imani-on-location-in-the-Nile-at-Nubial-All-Rights-Reserved-The-Niles-New-Wave-768x430Join us for the next installment of our online video discussion group.  For this month’s online session we will look at a brief yet encouraging article from the Rosicrucian Forum about the art and practice of meditation. Meditation has ever been an indispensable part of the practice of the mystic and in particular the Rosicrucian student. Our monographs teach us the way of this technique, but can we ever really receive enough reminders to incorporate this art into our lives on a daily basis? Continue reading “Video Discussion: What is Meditation to the Mystic? 2 pm, March 15”

Reincarnation Exercises, Neophyte Review, Vowel Sounds Open Class: Portland, 2 pm, Feb. 23

vowel.sounds.centersOne again, this month we have a very dense convocation with a lot of great exercises for both members and seekers alike.  The convocation discourse will be a continuation of our reincarnation series, this time with a live experiment. We will review the First Neophyte Degree’s Third Monograph. This is a review of some of the most foundational concepts in AMORC.

After a brief break, we will return and have another short open class on the seven major Vowel Sounds.  This public class is excellent for friends who might be interested in AMORC. Please bring a seeker you know. It should be a great way to introduce someone you know to the power of the teachings.

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Orientation and Initiations, Wilsonville, 2 pm, Feb. 9


This month’s convocation in Wilsonville will go over the functions, rituals, and responsibilities of your local AMORC group, the Enneadic Star Pronaos. This is a member’s only discussion.  Afterward, we will have a Council of Solace meditation for healing and world peace.  All are welcome to attend this group meditation.  We will then break for refreshments and social time.  This will be followed by the initiation of one of our local members. Other members are encouraged to attend as witnesses.

More on the initiation process HERE.

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ENCORE EDITION: Video Discussion: Medieval Mysticism of the Monks, 2 pm, Feb 16


This month, we are doing an encore edition of last month’s discussion on medieval mysticism for those who could not attend in January.  See below for last month’s description of the event:

For our upcoming online session, we will move back in time. Over the last few months, we have been looking at the works of the alchemists from the 1600s.  Now we will go back to the early part of the late Middle Ages, circa 1325. A Dominican monk by the name of Henry Suso, a follower of the German mystic Meister Eckhart, wrote a book called Das Buch Gennant Seuse which included a woodcut illustration known as the Horologium Sapientiae. We will examine an article from the Rosicrucian Forum, discuss the symbolism of this woodcut, and maybe learn a little bit more about the flavor of the mysticism of the time.

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