Zoom Discussion Group: Rosicrucian Teachings on Love, 2 pm, May 17


We hear a lot about love in the world around us that reveals a myriad of understandings about its nature, some superficial and others insightful. We as Rosicrucian students delve into the nature of Love in our Monographs and through our meditations quickly realize that it is much more than a mere emotion but rather a powerful Universal force that binds creation together in harmony and balance. We learn to feel its presence or lack thereof and also how to leverage this powerful force in our lives to bring about healing and harmony for ourselves, others, and the world around us.

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Review of April Zoom Session on Water Glass Exercise

water.glassOur recent online group session consisted of a review of the highly important Rosicrucian exercise known as the magnetization of water, which can be found in the early stages of our monographs.

Fraters and Sorors who attended offered valuable insight about their experience with this potent exercise and it’s effectiveness in providing a sense of calm and a feeling of re-grounding as well as recharging and rebalancing effects. One Frater specifically addressed its great value when used as part of our practice of attuning with the Ègregore of the Order. A Soror also stated that one of its effective applications can be used for strengthening and protecting the body against environmental toxins.
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Convocations Suspended: Look to our Zoom Group, Other Online Events

Sometimes even ancient Egyptians had to just hang out indoors too.

Due to Corona Virus quarantine the Grand Lodge has suspended all convocations until further notice. Fortunately, our Pronaos already has an ongoing gathering on Zoom for meditation and discussions.

Our Online Discussion Group occurs every third Sunday, at 2 pm. Go HERE for details and links. This month, we will be reviewing the water magnetizing exercise for health.

Other online events will be made available by the Grand Lodge. Go to the Rosicrucian Community Site for a full schedule of events this year as they become available.

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Online Group: Magnetized Water Exercise for Health and Longevity, 2 pm, April 19

waves-circles-109964_1280In the early degrees of our monographs, an exercise is presented that every Rosicrucian should learn and practice regularly for the benefit of radiant health. This exercise involves magnetizing and drinking a small glass of water.

For our upcoming Zoom meeting held at 2:00 on Sunday, April 19th, we will perform this exercise together and also read a selection from a lecture about the value of this exercise delivered by our past Imperator, Harvey Spencer Lewis. In order to best participate in this exercise, be sure to have with you a small glass tumbler or bowl, clear and uncolored, made of glass or crystal-filled about two-thirds of the way with water.

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Help Global Healing: Attend Imperator’s Special Attunement Meditation, Live March 21, 5 pm PST

healing.energyJoin Grand Master Julie Scott in this live Teleconference where she will lead members in the Imperator’s Special Attunement Meditation. Rosicrucians around the world will unite on this day, through the Celestial Sanctum, to send thoughts of comfort, healing, and courage to all humanity.

This event will be live on the Zoom, platform. This is the same platform our pronaos uses for our online discussion and meditation group.

5 to 6 pm, Pacific Time.  CLICK HERE TO ATTEND



Spring Equinox Virtual Meditation with Grand Master Julie Scott, March 19

julie.scottDue to the many canceled ceremonies across the country, Grand Master Julie Scott is holding a virtual equinox ceremony for members, 5 pm to 6 pm Eastern Time, Thursday March 19, via Zoom.  Zoom is the same platform we use for the ESP Online Discussion Group.

Join Grand Master Julie Scott for a special Spring Equinox Meditation welcoming in the Rosicrucian New Year while reviewing Rosicrucian techniques for creating and maintaining Radiant Health; and sending thoughts of Peace and Healing into the world.

The Teleconference will take place at 5 pm PT/ 8 pm ET



A Message from the Rosicrucian Grand Lodge During This Time of Anxiety Amid Corona Virus Concerns

“Refuse to give in to the thought that the world is dangerous and that God’s people are evil.”

Lonnie C. Edwards, MD of the Rosicrucian Grand Lodge in San Jose offers up a  meditation to unlock our Inner Resources and guide us from fear or anxiety we may be feeling towards calmness, serenity, and acceptance.

Edwards assures us that “humanity is evolving rapidly, despite what you see in the news.” He says that the key is “right thought and right perception,” and that we as Rosicrucian initiates strive to “see and hear as God sees and hears.” In the end, the problems rest with how you perceive reality and what you chose to do.

We hope this message will inspire you and still concerns that even during times of crisis all is well with the Cosmic. We have only to tap into it.

Corona Precautions for New Year’s Ceremony March 22 [Convocation Canceled]


The ceremony for Rosicrucian New Year 3373 will not go forward as scheduled. The Enneadic Star Pronaos will not hold it’s a ceremony at the Kenton Masonic Lodge. Only necessary members will attend for yearly installation of new officers.  Members are strongly encouraged to perform the new year ritual at home: details are HERE.  You may also attend a special virtual equinox meditation with Grand Master Julie Scott: details HERE.

Volunteers wanted to help create a Vowel Sound Booklet

Opened magic book with magic lightWhat are the Rosicrucian Vowel Sounds? How do they relate to the Psychic Centers? How are they different from other practices like mantras?

We sing out three vowel sounds and sometimes vowel sound combinations during each Convocation, and the Guardian explains what parts of the body each one affects, and how each one should be performed.

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Mandatory Home-based Ceremony: RC New Year 3373, March 22 [Convocation Canceled]



This ceremony reminds us of how we humans are inseparable from nature, and how our bodies are constructed from the elements. Because it is a symbolic feast, we nibble on carefully chosen bits of food and drink. Afterward, however, we can share our favorite things with each other. Please bring to the social hour something healthy to eat or drink. And desserts can be both organic and healthy! Just saying! [ED NOTE: Social Hour portion of convocation has been canceled]

On this day, the start of Rosicrucian Year 3373 is celebrated, and also, those members who have allied themselves by Initiation into our Pronaos. If you are one of our new Initiates, make sure that you attend this ceremony in Portland as we will be giving you special recognition.

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