Magical Egypt series, Season 1, Episode 3, “Descent”

Members of AMORC, please join us on Saturday, June 12, 2:00, in watching this episode. This one attempts to prove the extreme antiquity of Ancient Egypt. Go to the Rosicrucian Community page and register to attend.

This episode continues presenting Mr. John A. West’s theories about eleven centuries of Egyptian civilization, visits the Nabla Playa complex (stone calendar circle) and mentions Yuga cycles of time.  Also features a talk by Walter Cruttenden about cyclical historical development.  One reviewer complained it was too esoteric and not as historical and ruin-filled as other episodes.  You be the judge!  

Fundamentals of Sound Healing, Part 3!

Shows vertical bars of varying heights in the pattern of sound waves.  The bars are vibrant with rainbow colors.

An important note! If you plan to attend the Sound Healing, Part 3 presentation tomorrow, PRE-REGISTER TODAY! There are materials you will need that must be emailed to you and printed out ahead of time. 
Members, please go to the Rosicrucian Community page,, click on the event title header, scroll down the screen to the full event notice and you’ll see the zoom link to register. 

updated time! SATURDAY, not Sunday, June 19th, from 4pm Pacific Daylight Time to 5:15 pm, if you are a member of AMORC, you may join us in exploring the science and psychology of sound healing. This session builds on the information shared in Parts 1 and 2, and on the previous sessions we’ve had on Rosicrucian Healing techniques. This part of the presentations will focus on Rosicrucian sound healing techniques within the context of what we’ve discussed thus far.

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Grand Lodge is Zooming Fascinating Things!

Mind Expanded

Wednesday, May 5, at 1:30 pm Pacific time

The Sacred Feminine

The just-published latest issue of the Rosicrucian Digest magazine celebrates The Sacred Feminine. There is a great article in there by our Grand Councilor Emerita on The Black Virgin. See the Digest article

Wednesday, May 12, at 1:30 pm Pacific time

Climbing the Ladder of Love with Botticelli, Ficino, and the Goddesses

Past Imperator H. Spencer Lewis remarked that when he carefully analyzed “The Last Supper” fresco in Milan by Leonardo da Vinci, he noted at least seventeen mystical principles. Yet, he sensed there were even more important principles to fathom. In a similar manner, we will visit, in a mystical and virtual way, the Uffizi Gallery in Florence and experience another Renaissance masterpiece: the “Primavera” painting by Sandro Botticelli. There are various interpretations and layers of meaning in this work. A sacred marriage and the mystical encounter with goddesses such as Venus and Persephone, akin to the Eleusinian and Orphic mysteries, appear as central features. A key is ascending the ladder of love by which the prophetess Diotima initiated Socrates in Plato’s dialogue, the Symposium, and as elaborated by the influential Florentine teacher and philosopher, Marsilio Ficino. Our guide Hugh McCague will take us on a journey discerning the many Rosicrucian laws and principles exemplified in this artistic masterwork.

Wednesday, May 19, at 1:30 pm Pacific time

Vestals – Caretakers of the Hearth

Colombes and Vestals are girls and women who serve in a very special role in Rosicrucian Temples. They are the caretakers of the hearth where the divine flame lives. Join Grand Master Julie Scott in exploring the history of this esteemed position and the mystical meaning of the hearth and the divine flame, including a special meditation to attune with the sacred flame within us.

Wednesday, May 26, at 1:30 pm Pacific time

Clemence Isaure [the Golden Isis] and the Founding of AMORC

In 1909 a young H. Spencer Lewis stood before a painting called “The Appearance of Clemence Isaure [the Golden Isis] to the Troubadours” in Toulouse, France, contemplating its mystical meaning when the Grand Master of the Rosicrucians of Toulouse presented himself and directed H. Spencer Lewis to the next step in his initiation into the Rosicrucian Tradition. In this presentation, Grand Master Julie Scott will take us back to H. Spencer Lewis’s inspiring initiation and the founding of the Rosicrucian Order, AMORC.

We look forward to seeing you each Wednesday in May! 

The Department of Instruction 

Rosicrucian Order, AMORC

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Shows vertical bars of varying heights in the pattern of sound waves.  The bars are vibrant with rainbow colors.

THIS SUNDAY, May 9, from 3pm Pacific Daylight Time to 4:15 pm, if you are a member of AMORC, you may join us in exploring the science and psychology of sound healing. This session builds on the information shared in Part 1 last month and on the previous sessions we’ve had on Rosicrucian Healing techniques. The second part of the presentation will address clinical and scientific considerations around vibrational healing and how we may be affected by it on multiple levels including the biological, quantum, and electromagnetic. We will explore the effects of an individual’s thoughts on their ability to recover from illness and injury. We will also dive deeper into exploring the vibrational fields that interact with our own, specifically those that trigger our tactile and auditory senses.

Register in advance for this meeting at the Rosicrucian Community Events page. You’ll need to have your member number to register.


Image shows brilliant tie-dye colors on vertical bars representing sound waves.


Please join us this Sunday, April 18, at 3 pm PST for the first part of an exciting online three-part series.

We will explore exoteric and esoteric concepts in physics, quantum physics, anatomy, physiology, and biology, as they relate to sound and sound healing.

We will share special information about the nature of sound, vibrations, solids and fluids, in preparation for putting the new knowledge into practice. 

Part 1, April 18th, the Physics of Sound covers the science behind sound healing. 

Come prepared for a robust discussion as is the Rosicrucian tradition- more than a Q & A; 

This will also be a time for sharing impressions and revelations. Please be willing to add additional information from your own research/studies, build on what is being said, and let the discussion grow and evolve. 

Following the presentations, we will post an annotated bibliography so that folks can continue their research and develop a deeper understanding of the concepts


The Fundamentals of Sound Healing

Part 1- The Physics of Sound

Part 2- Vibrational Frequencies for Healing  May 9, 3 pm

Part 3- Rosicrucian Sound Healing Techniques, June 19, SATURDAY, 3 pm

Members may join this discussion by finding the Zoom link for the event on the Rosicrucian Community events page.


The last few months we have covered a lot of information about the psychic and physical bodies. Now let’s put them all together! Members do join us online on Sunday, March 28th, by going to the Rosicrucian Community page, looking on the events tab, upcoming events, and there you’ll find the Zoom meeting i.d. and passcode.

Until that time, we can chat on topics of metaphysical healing in this forum, while remembering not to be precise about monograph information in this public forum.

More on Glands, the Sympathetic Nervous System and The Psychic Body (Members only discussion.)

Sunday, February 21, 3:00 pm, we will be following up on our theme from last month’s look at the relationship between the physical and the psychic body, and their bearing on spiritual development. We will study an article introducing the role of the endocrine glands and the sympathetic nervous system as it relates to psychic consciousness and health.

The article for the month is titled “General Points on the Role of the Endocrine Glands” by Paul DuPont, MD, FRC and is found in the Rosicrucian Digest, Vol 97, Number 2, 2019. The article is an excerpt from the 2012 book, The Endocrine Glands and Your Health.

We will first focus on the introduction, then the section called ‘The Glands and the Sympathetic System’.

We also invite you to review your monographs on the subject of the psychic body, psychic centers and glands, and the sympathetic (also autonomic) nervous system. Building an understanding of their operations is very helpful for subsequent work in psychic development and Rosicrucian healing techniques. As always, we will welcome your participation in this fascinating and vital subject!

For 5 minutes we settle in with introductions

10 minutes of meditation

10 minutes of discourse (lecture)

15 minutes of discussion and Q & A among members

If you would like to join, email us with your name and member number at and we’ll send you the zoom link.  

Best wishes for Peace Profound,

Enneadic Star Pronaos

The Physical Body and the Psychic Body

Join us this Sunday for a Zoom call to discuss these important topics!

A classical Roman sculpture of a man in contemplative seated pose.
Which came first, the psychic body or the physical body?

Significant portions of our studies are devoted to the understanding of the psychic body, its faculties, and its role in our spiritual development. This is not without reason, as this understanding is foundational to much of the other work that we Rosicrucians pursue, which includes, but is not limited to, the development of the psychic centers, the practice of Rosicrucian healing techniques, and projection of the physic body.

An article titled ‘The Physical Body and The Psychic Body’ (Rosicrucian Forum, 1999, Vol. 69, No. 3) will set the stage for this month’s online session. This article presents Rosicrucian knowledge about the relationship between the physical and the psychic body and serves as a wonderful primer for further exploration into this subject. 

We hope that you are able to find some time in the coming days to review your studies on this fascinating and important topic, to consider experiences you may have had as a result of your practice of the exercises offered in the lessons, and to even prepare some questions you may want to bring to the discussion.

Log in to the Rosicrucian Community page for Events to get the Zoom access codes for this discussion.

Best Wishes for Peace Profound,

Enneadic Star Pronaos