Sunday, October 25th, 3 pm

REJOIN us for Part II – A Rosicrucian Understanding of Thought

October‘s online meeting will be Part II of A Rosicrucian Understanding of Thought, and will feature an article written by past Imperator and AMORC founder H Spencer Lewis called ‘How Thoughts Project’. Those who attended last month’s online session may recall that the article presented centered around thought and concepts of the space-time continuum. This month’s article continues the discussion with a look at the nature of thought as well as Cosmic Mind as the key to thought transmission and reception. 

For those interested in reviewing the article beforehand, it may be found in the 2016 Rosicrucian Digest, Vol 94, No 2. Please also consider reviewing what your lessons or other Rosicrucian materials say about Cosmic Mind, or Cosmic Consciousness. Some questions you may reflect or meditate on may be How is a thought born?, Does thought travel through anything to be received?, or Is there a difference in the nature of a thought that is transmitted with focus or transmitted unconsciously?

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Rosicrucian Ontology

2. All of Creation is permeated by a Universal Soul that evolves toward the perfection of its own nature. A universal soul or rational principle, meaning mind, is everywhere present. In man it is what is called soul, the Stoics declared. In matter it is the natural laws by which it manifests. Excerpt from Mental…

Proposal to move meeting location

Dear Fraters and Sorors, Enneadic Star Pronaos would like you to know that we have found an extremely suitable meeting place in Portland, and propose that we move from meetings at Kenton Lodge, to meetings at Parkrose Lodge.  To that effect, we’ll have a short and focused business meeting by Zoom (and you can call…

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